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Long Island Sky Hawks Dawn Patrol

Long Island Sky Hawks Dawn Patrol

If you love WW1 aircraft, you must have noticed that there are a lot of “Dawn Patrol” events springing up all over the country. Well, one of the very first, inspired by the WW1 Jamboree at the Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome, is the very successful event on Long Island. Hosted by the Long Island Sky Hawks club, this Dawn Patrol always draws a nice collection of RC aeroplanes and they don’t just sit around looking pretty. The guys from the LISH club have turned their Dawn Patrol from a regular multi-wing fun fly, to an even more fun semi-competition. There’s low pressure events like the Bomb Drop, Balloon Bust and a Spot Landing to add to your flight scores.

it's called dawn patrol for a reason - Long Island Sky Hawks Dawn Patrol

Several club members camp out at the Dawn Patrol meet and put in their first flights in the wee hours of the morning.

on patrol - Long Island Sky Hawks Dawn Patrol

(Above) Video courtesy of Ron Preston

lineup1 - Long Island Sky Hawks Dawn Patrol

ballon bust - Long Island Sky Hawks Dawn Patrol

And there is always action around the balloon bust target area!

flying on location - Long Island Sky Hawks Dawn Patrol

Also as a special bonus, club member Nick Ziroli Jr., made several low level passes with his beautiful Stearman Biplane.

And for the flightline, there’s always tons of WW1 eye candy to see up close and in the traffic pattern.

in for a landing - Long Island Sky Hawks Dawn Patrol

There were about 35 pilots at this year’s event and a lot of WW1 biplanes on the flightline and in the traffic pattern. The club’s flying field is also a great reason to come and fly as part of the Dawn Patrol event! It’s actually on a Sod Farm field and smooth as a putting green!

keiser kaos

Be sure to check out the club’s Facebook page for more information on the Dawn Patrol event and for pix of the club members’ building projects.

See ya in the trenches next year , the event is always the first weekend in August!

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Updated: March 31, 2016 — 11:37 AM
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  1. Wow! What a great variety of models! Each one looks fantastic and your flying sight looks like a great place to fly too! Dawn Patrol is my fave..

  2. I am from Australia our club is only 60 members strong but we have some scale flyers our club is Namadgi sports flying club I love you scale planes the are so beautiful to watch flying keep up the good work

  3. what an awesome collection of WWI aircraft! I can almost smell the nitro and hot castor oil. Great job,fellas!

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