1. Couldn’t agree more!

  2. Looks like a OV-10

  3. I love all aspects of rc.

  4. I love all three, plus I love designing and creating something unique.

  5. I love the building, the flying, the researching. I love teaching people
    how to fly RC models.

  6. I love building flying rc planes and in joy starting new projects. Check use out on Instagram @rcpilotsnz

  7. I can’t own the real thing ,so this is as close as it gets. Plus ,if mother nature comes up to greet me I am not out a $250,000.00 plane and I can walk away from pilot error HAH !

  8. I love all three especially building and flying helicopters. That is a real challenge. It’s got to be perfect or it will not fly. I also love building aircraft but just do have as much time

  9. Gives me a chance to use my imagination, design, building and flying skills while keeping my 80-year-old feet on the ground and my butt in a lawn chair.

  10. I enjoy the building part the most. The solitude and relaxation I get from building is healthy for me.

    I have designed and built models as well.
    Flying is a necessary evil…have to be sure that they fly.

    Companionship at the field and during the building process is also great.

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