1. The sound of those big loud military engines is vastly preferable to ho-hum music which we can hear anytime!!

  2. I know all of the planes. Modern aircraft just don”t have the beauty and charm of their predecessors. Love those big radial engines! Turbines – no thanks.

  3. Can – can !! …..mmmm…… where r the dolls????……..warbirds !!!!…..mmmmmmmmm…………where r the beaurifull radial sound engines ?????????…….each thing 2 his right place……………m m…

  4. The music ruins it.

  5. Hey Debra,
    I managed to get to Oshkosh after 30 years of threatening to do so. Arrived after leaving home some 34hours earlier. (Port Elizabeth South Africa) But the journey was worth every minute of discomfort. Osh is fab. I witnessed some of the video clip- A10, P38, Mustangs etc, BUT- Big Beautiful Doll crept in somehow- must have been a ghost appearance ‘cos I believe it was written off a while back?? But if there was ever a P51 I would have liked to have seen, it would have been Big Beautiful Doll. So the short clip was appreciated anyway. I recently sold my model of this aircraft which is a great flier.
    The sound of the Merlins and radials was fantastic. I fly a 1/3 scale model of the Stearman in the trainer colours, so seeing that demonstration at Osh was just the icing on top.

    1. I wonder if another P-51 was repainted in BBD scheme? It happens …

      I am jealous about your trip — what a dream event!! Maybe someday. 🙂

  6. Other than the music, the video was cool.

    1. Agreed. I wouldn’t have necessarily used that music if I had created the video, but I’m glad the person who posted it wanted to share with us!

  7. as always the sight and sound of warbirds gets your heart pumping. I can only dream of what it was like to fly one. Music isn’t needed to get the effect.

  8. Thanks for the post, I love to see that there are still people who can keep those war birds alive and out there in the public rather than just displayed in meuseums.. Great shot of the Stearman Slipping down the runway.. wow! Good intertainment!
    Terry Bolin

  9. Nothing better then Warbirds. Long live the Warbirds.

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