LRP VTEC Expert Airplane Line Lipo – 35C – 4500 – 3S1P – 11.1V

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Use the advantage of higher capacity and longer flight time with fairly the same weight and size. Through new and revolutionary production technology the all new LiPo-batteries of the LRP VTEC Expert Airplane Line was developed using a maximum charging rate of 3C, which reaches full charge in less time than before. Current airplane LiPos use 1C-2C. With this all new LiPo airplane line LRP sets a new milestone in battery technology for airplane models. Featuring a maximum (peak) discharge rate of 60C and a maximum consistent discharge rate at 35C, these LiPos result in extremely high power levels. In addition, the completely new electrolyte composition and special HDS technology combined in the LRP VTEC Expert Airplane Line 35C LiPo batteries for extremely high voltage and sensational performance.
  • 35C Constant Current and 60C Peak Current discharge capability for ultimate power
  • 3C Charge Current without reducing the life expectancy
  • Extremely high voltage due to new Electrolyte composition and special High Density Stacking (HDS) – Technology
  • Extremely high cycle life for constant charging without performance loss
  • EHR balancing connector
  • Single cells get measured and selected before a battery pack gets assembled


Weight 345g
Nominal voltage 11.1V
Dimension 168x43x26mm
Capacity 4500
Configuration 3S1P
C-Rate (cont.) 35C
C-Rate (peak) 60C
Part: 79445
Price: TBA
Updated: July 16, 2015 — 11:15 AM
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