Magnificent Micro Mustang!

Magnificent Micro Mustang!

Giant RC planes turn heads, but we’ll bet this mini Mustang will stop you in your tracks. With a 4.6-inch wingspan, this impressive RC model is just 1/96-scale and weighs in at 3 grams — that’s less than a nickel! The brainchild of Martin Newell, the P-51D is outfitted with the usual throttle, rudder and elevator controls but also has functional flaps, retracts, navigation lights and cannons! We think it’s a gem.

Updated: December 2, 2014 — 5:14 PM


  1. Will you have an article about how to build this beauty? I want one!!

  2. Extremely cool. Looking forward to see it fly.

  3. Can you buy these some where?

  4. incredible skill to build something that tiny and make it fly!

  5. I would buy this! Why is nobody selling these?!

  6. that’s the coolest smallest plane I ever scene, keep up the good work.

  7. is there enough space to put a microcamera and maybe a LTE connectivity?

  8. I’m betting old men with slow reflexes won’t be flying this.

  9. HOW MUCH???!!!!!

  10. I like it will it be for sale how much and where

  11. It would be very interesting to see the RX and servos for this plane. A work of art.

  12. Meet the gentleman a year ago at the NEAT indoor event and I was amazed how he built it. The “servos” are those muscle wires things, rudder elevator,ailerons,flaps and landing gears and the Rx is custom made. I was wondering how he did the gun sound as I thought it was a super micro small sound card on the plane itself as it turns out a slight trick of having it on the Tx LOL it was funny to hear the guns going and realize it’s from the Tx. As for those on the bottom here asking why they can’t sell these or where can you get them..plain answer is it’s CUSTOM made. You just look at the nice micro jobs out of the Chech Republic they start at $900 for the little Rc planes.
    all in all I like what Martin did and always look forward to what he will build next. Extremely great workmanship and skill there.

  13. This is very interesting, intricate work, impressive for that.
    But it was news in Nov. 2013 and I cannot find any record or video of it in flight…..
    Does anyone have any info on it flying? I would like to see that.

      1. Thank you Rob for that link!

  14. Does the FAA consider this one a drone as well?-How much and where? beautiful engineering on a micro scale!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Great job building this micro.

    People this is custom made. You cant buy it, its not sold anywhere.

  16. I’d love to see a video of the build. A fully functional rc model of that size is nothing short of awe enspiring. I’m wondering if he had to design his own RX for this plane? The servos are super tiny. I’ve never seen any that small before.

  17. I would like to buy the Micro Musteng P 51. How shall I do it?

    Mario M. Fortini

    Cell Phone: ++39 0746 328 28 67 208

    Many thanks and kindest regards.

    Mario – Dec.5th 2014

  18. Too bad so many just want to “buy one!” Maybe they should try building something for a change.

    1. Oh ya don’t say GB, Well just in case you’re wondering, most people have full time jobs and don’t have the time. It’s the same reason why YOU don’t make your own toilet paper! Why? Because it’s at the store, get bent!

  19. Would also like to see article(s) on how to build planes this small. Magnificent job! Thanks.

  20. Fantastic film of the real plane ,but how much does the model cost ??

  21. Nephew is quite good flying the “large” micros–and they can be quite a challenge! This little jewel of a plane must be incredible in the air. Very fast I’m guessing and requiring similar reflexes. Great and clever building skills here.

  22. Hi where can I get one I love it

  23. Mr. Newell,

    You have amazed me with your expertise! Your talent and abilities as a scale modeler are astounding and I congratulate you on an inspiring effort. This work should be in the AMA museum.


  24. Please tell us how you built it.

  25. Awesome aircraft. Wondering if it might be possible to have the owner give us more information about how he managed to create a plane this small with all the features that it has? Where did he obtain the parts for it, etc.? Any chance he might put out an article about the actual building of the plane? Thank you.

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