Magnum Engines Are Back!

Magnum Engines Are Back!

John and Mike Greenshields are once again making Magnum engines available to modelers in the USA at their website, They’ll be providing engines, parts and service.
John (Mr. Magnum):  I’ve always enjoyed glow engines, all the way back to my u-control days in the ‘60s to being a part of the original development of the Magnum Engine brand back in the 1980s. Today’s Magnum engines have never been better. They’re top-quality, consistent, and simply well made. I’m confident modelers are going to enjoy Magnum along with the parts and support we intend to supply.

Mike:  We’re proud to be working as a family to bring in the Magnum line. Magnum fills a need with a specular full-line of engine for all modelers who enjoy glow engines. From the little .15 two-stroke, to the latest version of the 1.60 flat-twin four-stroke, we’ve got a great engine for you.

This is a new venture for the Greenshields family. We’re first offering the .15, .25 and .52 two stroke. In four-strokes, we’ll have the .52, .91, and 1.60 flat twin.


  1. Glad to see someone is selling Glow engines again. I had a 52 Magnum about 5 years with only a dozen flights on it and it went bad (no compession). I junked it and bought an OS. I heard also that if you go too far in with the needle valve you can tap the piston on the 52. Are they better made now?

  2. Glad to see that there is a company that is selling glow engines. With the exception to OS there are no dealers selling engines. I did find a site that sells APC. I bought a Magnum 52 several years ago and had only 12 flights on it when it lost compression. I junked the engine. Also I heard that the 52 had a problem with the needle valve. If the needle valve was turned in too far it would pinch the piston and of course cause a problem. Have they corrected this design? If so then I would gladly purchase one from you.

    Also will you be carrying Thunder Tiger engines at all in the near future. They are really great. Most of the guys at my field absolutely love them, especially the 2 stroke.

  3. Evolution engines, Saito, Dub Jett (High performance 2 cycle), OS of course,, to name a “few”…

  4. I got 2 91 magnums.Great engines. I need a third. Happy to see them back again.

  5. I would like a manual and complete gasket kit for a Xl 52 4 stroke . Glad to see you back. If no manual , then need valve lash . Thanks

    1. I have to engines one is a magnum xls52a new in box and a magnum xls46a with two minutes on it lol not a good pilot

  6. Wahoo thank heavens that you have the foresight to read the writing on the wall. I live in New Zealand and it is almost impossible to get Li-Po batteries freighted in here due to the airline ban on Li-Po’s and the LHS are selling 3cell 2200mAh for the same price as small glow engines…. I know which I’d rather have!!!!

  7. I have several Magnum engines and hav had excellent experience with them. My only problem is getting parts when I damage an engine in a crash. I generally need carburetor parts as it is the first part to hit the ground after the prop. Where can I get carburetor parts particularly the body casting.

  8. looking for a backplate for a magnumXL.52RFS ringed 4 stroke.

  9. Need valve clearance on Magnum xl70

  10. Do have any parts for the 180 Magnum 4 stroke? if so, please let me know ASAP.Thanks, Millard.

  11. what size prop for Magnum gp 25

  12. prop size magnum 25

  13. Do you have any specs – particularly valve clearances for .91 ?

  14. Can I get parts for my Magnum engine

  15. looking for a high speed needle valve for magnum 91 4 stroke as mine is now bent from my cat knocking my engine off pf workbench. I think I can straighten it, but still looking for a replacement.

  16. I have alot of stuff for sale never used don’t have the time to do it anymore

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