MAN at Hobby King

MAN at Hobby King

We had a great road trip down to Farmingdale on Long Island, to visit the new customer service and corporate offices for Hobby King. We got the $5 tour and had a great time visiting and talking about new products and more importantly, RC flying and local events!

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What really makes this new Hobby King facility so interesting is that it is now located in one of the hangars where during WW2 Republic P-47 Thunderbolts were manufactured and sent off to help the war effort.

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Specifically, the office building Hobby King is calling home was in fact the exact building/hangar that all the P-47s were out fitted with their 8 wing mounted machine guns! Wow! Talk about historical significance.

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We also got into the Hobby King Studio where they film all their “Daily” videos for their website.

Besides having actual RC modelers, manning the phones. According to Ryan Dolan and Stuart Warne, who we met with, their well informed and experienced customer service reps are doing a great job helping customers with orders, and so with a global reach, and trouble shooting and problem solving issues with Hobby King products. You couldn’t ask for more attention.

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Another great thing about the new Hobby King Facility is that it shares the tarmac with the famous and very popular “American Airpower Museum” right on the end of the runway at Republic airport.

photo 12

How cool is it to share a parking lot with a Sherman Tank?!

photo 14

Or walk by an airworthy C-47 during lunch break!

photo 4

We also shot some on-sight videos while we were there. One of several new products we got a look at was the Durafly SkyMule. Looking like a sport scale twin engine island hopper, this sport plane is intended for all out fun and has special added features to make airborne video and FPV flying easy!

Watch for a Flight Test coming soon!


We felt very comfortable in the meeting room with plenty of MAN covers on the way and RC planes hanging from the rafters!



Updated: July 20, 2015 — 12:25 PM

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  1. Very cool. Good to see them building out in the US. With better customer service I might use them more. As of now I only shop there on rare occassions.

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