Master-class FW 190 Butcher Bird — Sneak Peek

Master-class FW 190 Butcher Bird — Sneak Peek

MAN always seeks out the best scale models to share with its readers and this one has a track record that’s hard not to be impressed with. Few RC models can design, build, paint and finishe a classic WW2 fighter and then bring it to national contests and win the Best-in-Show award. That’s what Jeffery Fiscus Bridgeport, WV did with his amazingly detailed Fw 190, when he walked away with the gold at the 2015 WRAM show in Secaucus, NJ. But wait! There’s more… Two months later, Jeffery brought his Butcher Bird to the Toledo show and brought home a 2nd place win in the Designer Scale category and the People’s Choice Award.

Here’s some sneak peek shots of Jeffery’s amazing airplane, which will be featured in the upcoming October 2015 issue of MAN

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  1. Fantastic!

  2. I started drawing and building plastic models of this awesome aircraft back in the 1970s’ when I was just a kid. I got my first airbrush at 15 to paint-up the classic 1/32 scale Hasegawa kit depicting Walter Novotny’s famous “Lucky 13” ship. This model here takes my breath away! The level of realism and scale details in these pics are amazing! I would be terrified to ever fly this masterpiece at the risk of a costly mishap! I own and fly the electric RC Parkzone and Flyzone ‘foamies’ of this type and find this airframe likes a good bit of speed on final to stay airborne right up to the all critical “level flare”. I salute you sir on a true masterpiece of skill and craftsmanship with this Focke Wulf FW190. If you haven’t already….put some dang insurance on this beauty!

  3. That’s a sweet butcher bird!!
    I’m currently building a 72″ model, but I’m adding the areal going to the tail of the plane and all the scale writing and numbers on the gear doors and thruout the fuselage. These are my favorite warbirds.

  4. I just can’t compare my FW190 to what Jeffery has created! absolutely MAGNIFICENT! However, in response to Shocktrooper1984’s concern regarding the flying habits of the FW190, I have the Topflite version with a JC60cc boxer twin up front and it is an absolute dream in the air.

  5. OMG … this is not only my FAVORITE War Bird of all times, it exudes “Killer”, but this one built by Jeffery Fiscus is the finest scale to the finest details, I ever seen!! I would love to see a VERY long article about this plane in MAN SOON!! If this were my plane I would be afraid to fly it (for fear of crashing) and when I worked up enough nerve, I’d need a long shower afterward to get all the sweat off. 10 out of 10 for this incredible scale model warbird!! SOME VIDEO PLEASE!!!

  6. Wow, I thought that I was looking at the real full size aircraft. awesome.

  7. I saw this plane at Toledo. Quite frankly I don’t know how it did not win “best of show”. It was stunning. I talked to Jeffrey. He traveled the world to photograph the only few remaining FW’s left for documentation. He should have gone to Top Gun with it! Just AMAZING.

  8. I sold the Top Flite D9 version of this one recently and still have the Royal/Marutaka A8 kit stored away so you can see the 190 is one of my faves. I was at Toledo and planning on returning later in the day to check this plane out a lot closer, but the Seagate Center lost power and most of the lighting was out. Nuts!

    Have to give him the credit he deserves for a masterful job.

  9. Superb craftsmanship.Most of these top scale aircraft are far better finished and detailed than the originals especially in wartime conditions where they got rough treatment and basic maintenance.

  10. Incredible scale. It boggles the mind to see such awsome detail in this model. Many Kudos to Jeffrey Fiscus!

  11. Thanks guys! I really appreciate the comments! She’s hanging up in my garage (in a very safe spot) so I get to look at it every day. At the Toledo show Dave Platt told me never fly a plane you still like. Everyday I look at it the next flight gets farther off!

  12. Not sure the link will work, but I would highly recommend visiting where Jeff has a detailed build thread in the “Scratch Builds” section on this one-of-a-kind FW 190. It is a must read and will blow your mind! This thread alone is worth the price of admission.

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