Master the Flat Spin-Blender A 3D Maneuver to wake up the crowd!

Master the Flat Spin-Blender A 3D Maneuver to wake up the crowd!

First executed at the Tournament of Champions, Quique Somenzini performed an sequence that combined a flat spin with a blender while recovering at a very low altitude. A simply stunning maneuver, the aircraft enters what everyone thought was going to be an ordinary upright flat spin. Then his model quickly transitioned into a vertical rolling down-line where he then performed the blender featuring an abrupt transition to an inverted flat spin. If you are looking for something new to try, this is a particularly demanding maneuver that is sure to please.


You will need the required aerobatic skill and your aircraft must be properly set up. This combo requires fairly large control surfaces, coupled with large surface deflections, as well as the proper center of gravity (CG). As a starting point, begin with the control-surface deflection amounts, exponential settings, and the CG recommended for your model.

FSTWith respect to control-surface deflection, the entry spin as well as the transition into the inverted spin during the blender will require anywhere between 35 and 45 degrees of control-surface deflection for the elevator, rudder, and ailerons…

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