Master Modeler Workshop: Masking & Spraying

Master Modeler Workshop: Masking & Spraying

Join one of the UK’s master modelers, Phil Noel of Pinnacle Aviation, as he preps, masks, and spray-paints a 1/4-scale MiG-15. Thanks to Pete and Dean Coxon for filming Phil as he explains his techniques so we can all pick up a few tips! Stay tuned for a video of Phil adding the silver coat underneath and on the flying surfaces and then another on weathering and detailing.


Updated: May 7, 2018 — 5:01 PM


  1. Couldn’t really understand a word he was saying and no comments regarding the type of paint, the equipment, filtering, spraying pressures, masking materials etc. Also, as an editorial comment, he’s not wearing overalls designed for painting – 80% of the dust in a finish comes from the painter’s clothes. He does appear to know how to lay on the paint however.

  2. A little bit disapointed. He knows what is doing, however doesn’t show the sequence and how to masking .

  3. I saw an awful lot of over spray and tiger stripes in the paint. Did he give it another coat, rub it out or what you see is what you get!

  4. I have to agree 100% with Rob Caso. I’ll go one step further. I think Rob Caso should make a video! It sounds to me like he has more knowledge, and it certainly sounds like he would do a way better job of instructing people in so many areas of this painting process.
    So what do you say Rob? Make a video for us? Please????

  5. What a joke! Total waste of time to watch! The guy knows squat! Typical British, can’t understand a damn thing! Painting in a pigstye, electrical outlets exposed to fumes! Thanks, but, no thanks!

  6. Quite strange, as I watched this clip I could smell the paint.
    Was raised in my father’s auto body shop.
    Power or suggestion..

  7. Thank you very much for the instructive video, in spite of all comments I have picked up some usefull hints that I applied today paint spraying my Extra 300 engine cowling!

  8. No instruction what so ever. When he did talk, you could not hear him or understand him due to the noise and the face mask. The only thing I got from this was he likes to shake his paint after he stirs it, use an airbrush for small jobs, his medium size spray rig for everything else. His description to thinning your paint to “single or double cream” consistencies is meaningless to me… is it a British or a Baker’s term? Where were the masking tips? All we got is to see what order he painted the plane. Many steps were omitted. I know very little about spray painting and even I knew much was skipped over like the prep work and so on.

  9. Debra

    Looking for an instructional video on how to fiberglass a rc airplane.
    Would you know who I could contact to purchase a video on fiberglassing?

    Thank you,
    Fred Wickman

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