Materials for Your RC Scale Build

Materials for Your RC Scale Build

Dag, one of our favorite YouTubers, is back with another insightful video. Here he takes an in-depth look on materials to use when building your own RC scale plane. Everything from types of glues, woods, foams, fiberglass, and coverings. This guy is a walking RC encyclopedia and we’re glad he’s out there sharing his knowledge!


Updated: April 11, 2022 — 3:26 PM


  1. Dag. You da bomb man! I love your videos and although I have been building and flying R/C since the mid 1960’s, I always learn something new from you!!!


  2. Dag, I was following you on facebook and I lost you. You are amazing. I love your ideas. I am a 70 year old fart that’s been building since I was a little kid and wound up an External Tank Retiree from Lockheed, but still build and fly RC.
    Enjoyed your vid. I have pretty much like you learned to use the same stuff you use. I’ve never painted Monokote. Thanks and have a good day.

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