Mavrikk Glow Plug Wrench

Mavrikk Glow Plug Wrench

Glow plug wrenches have been around longer than I have, and they all do a great job. However, when installing a glow plug deep inside a helicopter my technique is to push the stem of the glow plug onto a small piece of fuel tubing.  I use this to feed the glow plug to the engine, and then turn to get the glow plug started.  But now with the Mavrikk glow plug wrench from HeliProz  I no longer need to use the fuel tubing.  This is a very nice glow plug wrench with a knurled handle for non slip use, which also takes down for easy storage with the removal of one screw, and it’s also anodized a beautiful blue.  However, one of the best parts is that it includes a foam insert to hold the glow plug in those awkward and hard to reach  spots.  Once you try it you’ll wonder how you ever got along without it.mavrikk, mavrikk glow plug wrench, heliproz, model airplane news, fuel tubing, 2

Updated: July 21, 2015 — 2:24 PM

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  1. Cool looking item.

    I have a question on bearings rusting in helicopters. Specifically, my heli engine bearings never seem to give me any problems. My airplane engines, stored in the same environment and using the same 20/20 heli fuel seem to all corrode and rust up within 6 months to a year.

    Is it because the airplane engines are stored with the engines level and the heli engines nose up? What could be the reason other than that? Bearing quality? I run O.S. engines almost exclusively. I run the fuel out of both types at the end of the flying sessions. It’s Cool Power and it advertises “no after run necessary”, which I take literally.

    Thanks, —Tony

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