MaxAmps Signature Series 12000mah 6S 22.2v LiPo Battery

MaxAmps Signature Series 12000mah 6S 22.2v LiPo Battery

From MaxAmps:

If you are looking for a commercial grade lithium polymer battery designed to hold up in heavy use applications, MaxAmps has the answer!

The brand new Signature Series batteries are unlike any other batteries available in the industry. MaxAmps starts with hand-picked and matched, grade A, 12000mah, lithium polymer cells. They enclose these cells with a lightweight carbon fiber case that will hold up in the most extreme environments. The Signature Series also includes an onboard data logger that not only tracks individual cell voltage but also stores 36 hours of flight data so that you know exactly what is happening with your power system. Each pack is assembled at their facility in the USA and comes in a genuine Pelican brand case customized for your Signature Series batteries. MaxAmps provides any plug and tap combination that you require and these packs are custom built to order the same day.


  • Carbon fiber case for added durability
  • Onboard data logging
  • 12000mah capacity lithium polymer cells
  • 6S 22.2 volts
  • True 100C rating
  • Lifetime warranty
  • 5C fast charge capable
  • Built today with factory fresh cells
  • Your choice of connectors and balancing taps
  • 202mm x 51mm x 109mm, 1781g

This battery is the ultimate LiPo solution for UAV Octocopter applications like the DJI S1000, DJI S900, Cinestar 8 and custom built multirotors.  It can also be used in UAV Hexacopter applications like the DJI S800 and S800 EVO when carrying a heavy payload.

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Updated: August 13, 2015 — 5:03 PM
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