Maxford USA Neptune Boat plane V2

Maxford USA Neptune Boat plane V2

The Neptune Boat Plane ARF V2 is a newer and improved version of Maxford’s old Neptune boat plane. It has a new color scheme that is much brighter and more visible in the air. It is designed as a 40 size glow ARF, but it will be easy to convert to electric.



Wing Span: 60 in
Wing Area: 713 Square in

Wing Loading: 21.8 oz/sq ft
Fuselage Length: 55 in
Engine required: 2c .46 or 4c .61

Prop required: 11×7
Radio required: 4C/5 Standard servos for Glow or 4 servos for EP conversion.
Dry Flying Weight: 6 lbs 2 oz

Electric Conversion:

Recommend Uranus 35425, 60A ESC and 2 packs of 3S 2100 mAh 20C Li-Po batteries in parallel.




Improvements on V2 


The engine pod assembly has been changed and now sits atop a carbon fiber tube. All wiring between the engine pod and fuselage are now able to fit through this tube. The new engine pod consists of 3 pieces: the cowl, the bottom piece (to hold the supplied fuel tank and your throttle servo), and the magnetic hatch/pod cover. These improvements help contribute to the V2’s lighter weight (the V1’s ARF weight was 6 lbs 8 oz and the V2’s dry flying weight is only 6 lbs 2 oz).

A special compartment and optional hatch have been added to the nose. The hatch arrives out-of-the-box covered-over. To access the compartment, simply cut the covering material covering the hatch. This makes it easy to use this compartment for your radio’s battery or to add any necessary weight to adjust your Neptune’s CG. It is also the perfect location if you plan to install an onboard glow plug driver and battery in your Neptune.

The wing tip floats are now a bright red color. The V2 wing uses a Carbon fiber wing rod in place of the V1’s wooden wing joiner. The aileron servos are now safely located inside the fuselage (mounted near the center of the wing).





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