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  • Sturdy design
  • Two sets of blades included, 10” and 11”
  • Forward/reverse pitch: 12/12
  • Recommended VP servo torque: 30 oz-in
  • VPP101 – 90% assembled, fits 4mm shaft
  • VPP101 Pro – 90% assembled, fits 4mm shaft, includes control rod relief with BB
  • VPP102 Pro – assembly required, fits 3mm and 1/8” shafts, includes control rod relief with BB

    VPP101 fits 4mm shaft     $19.95

    VPP101 Pro fits 4mm shaft    $24.95

    VPP102 Pro fits 3mm and 1/8″ shaft $27.95

    VPP101-10 4 piece prop set, 10″, fits all VPP  $5.99

    VPP101-11 4 piece prop set, 11″, fits all VPP  $5.99

  • Updated: May 18, 2009 — 10:00 AM


    1. I have a 39″ rc airplane and would like the plane hoover like a helicopter…What size motor and ECS ect.. needed to do this??????????

    2. Dear sirs,

      I am interested in a variable pitch propeller system complete, with motor, for an about 2 kg air model, then I ask you:

      1) Do you send to São Paulo-SP, Brazil? If positive, how much would I pay for the whole system plus freight?

      2) Which would be the right system (motor, propeller, etc) for the plane I intend to install it?

      Your answer will be appreciated.

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