1. Why do we see so many very large scale aircraft in Europe, but not so many in the states? Is is because of the cost or are the regulations more relaxed over there than here or are there more people interested in aeronautics and engineering,and have more capabilites and facilities than we do!

  2. Interest in very large scale RC models has always been stronger in the East than in the West.

  3. Old money. How many do you see in Japan or China?

  4. It is not cost or regulations, more the willingness to commit the time and energy. Next time you go to your local flying field compare how many models are ARFs versus kit-built or particularly scratch built. For whatever reason, building models from kits or plans has become a lost art in the US, especially when compared to only ~30 years ago. You can extrapolate this to the large scale aircraft seen in these videos, most of which don’t have an ARF version available (where do you buy an ARF Ju188?), and you have your answer.

  5. Really don’t see the point in these huge models. Apart from the (real) risk of crashing, 90% of the time, all they do is to fly round and round and round- and so on, then land. Or crash!!

  6. Almost looks pitch sensitive…

  7. Sounds great.

    I have long thought many of the people building these large scale models would be flying homebuilt airplanes if they lived here in US. In Europe full size airplanes are very expensive so a large scale model while expensive is still cheaper than owing a full size airplane.

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