1. Having spent 2.5 years working on the Concorde it is a pleasure to see this plane fly so good. My compliments to the designer and pilot for such a great flight
    Roy Lewis

  2. Awesome plane!!!
    With it’s weight and size, is this “legal” to be flown at AMA sanctioned fields/events?

    1. Good question. This RC aircraft is well over the 100-pound AMA weight limit for experimental aircraft, so it could not be flown in the U.S.

  3. Extremely well-trained little white mice to fly it! British, of course! Well done, old man!

  4. AMAZING !!!

  5. What a thrill to see this stunning model in flight!

    Perhaps it’s too much to ask, but equally interesting would be a video showing what it takes to move this guy, say from home to meet. I mean it’s humongous, i.e., not something you conveniently throw back into your trunk.

    If this video already exists, please post its link here. However, in any case a terrific video!

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