Mega Scale 33-Foot Concorde

Mega Scale 33-Foot Concorde
The scale of this RC jet is truly “mega” — 33 feet long, a 13-foot wingspan, and a weight of 328 pounds! And to get this big boy off the ground, it’s powered by four(!) Jetcat P300 Pro turbines. Watch the video to see the very realistic flight characteristics in action!

Updated: September 28, 2022 — 5:15 PM


  1. Having spent 2.5 years working on the Concorde it is a pleasure to see this plane fly so good. My compliments to the designer and pilot for such a great flight
    Roy Lewis

  2. Awesome plane!!!
    With it’s weight and size, is this “legal” to be flown at AMA sanctioned fields/events?

    1. Good question. This RC aircraft is well over the 100-pound AMA weight limit for experimental aircraft, so it could not be flown in the U.S.

  3. Extremely well-trained little white mice to fly it! British, of course! Well done, old man!

  4. AMAZING !!!

  5. What a thrill to see this stunning model in flight!

    Perhaps it’s too much to ask, but equally interesting would be a video showing what it takes to move this guy, say from home to meet. I mean it’s humongous, i.e., not something you conveniently throw back into your trunk.

    If this video already exists, please post its link here. However, in any case a terrific video!

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