Workshop Build-Along: Balsa USA 1/3-scale Fokker Triplane — Adding Top Wing

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We are drawing close to the end of this extensive giant-scale build-along. This past weekend the cabane struts and the top wing were built and attached. Check out the sequence below.


To build the cabane struts and attach the top wing, you first have to install the kit’s alignement jig as shown about.


Start by marking the hole locations for the cabane’s top support strips. Sand and clean the strips so you get good solder joints.


Here you see the holes for the 6-32 attachment bolts and one of the straps on the end of one of the cabane wires. Again make sure all the metal parts where you will be soldering are clean.


Slide the cabane wires into place on the crutch and the middle wing and bolt the suppert strip and straps to the alignment jig. DOuble and triple check the alignment of the jib with the fuselage and if you have too, twist or bend the straps and cabane wires until everything fits properly and there is no stress on any of the parts.


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