Mercury Adhesives Brush-in-Cap Threadlocker

Mercury Adhesives Brush-in-Cap Threadlocker

From Mercury Adhesives:

The New Mercury Exclusive Brush-in-Cap Threadlocker is a unique and revolutionary product that is changing the way builders are able to secure their fasteners.  By using a Threadlocker (aka “Screw Glue”), fasteners are prevented from backing out.  However, how do you apply it without making a mess?

Mercury Adhesives is the first in the industry to solve the mess of Threadlocker application.  Common  Threadlocker bottles use an eyedropper style bottle that is, unsuitable, wasteful and messy.

The Mercury Brush-in-Cap design provides precise application of Threadlocker to virtually any fastener size.  Simply unscrew the top, pull out the brush, wipe off any excess on the side of the opening, and apply just the right amount you need to do the job.  Even if the fastener is excessively small, the new brush design  allows for single bristles to be used on tiny threads.  The Mercury solution is ideal for RC Aircraft, Car, Helicopter, and Multirotor applications, as well as many others that use small fasteners.

Don’t let a loose nut ruin your day!

The packaging is a carded/bubble package that contains a single bottle with the new Brush-in-Cap, Threadlocker for a low $7.49 MSRP.


Updated: October 16, 2015 — 3:43 PM
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