Micro Lightning–Test Flying the new P-38 from Flyzone

Micro Lightning–Test Flying the new P-38 from Flyzone

I just got back from the flying field here in Wilton, CT after test flying the neat little P-38 Lightning from Flyzone. I remember growing up building Revell plastic scale models and one was a P-38 and it was not very much smaller than this all-foam RC park flyer.

Test Flying the new P-38 from Flyzone

With great molded in details and a strong molded plastic slightly under-cambered wing, I’m extremely pleased with its pilot-friendly performance. With the landing gear removed, I hand-launched the P-38 into the mildly blowing wind and it easily climbed out at 3/4 throttle.

Test Flying the new P-38 from Flyzone

It performs beautifully at high power setting and down low and slow for the photo passes. Roll rate is positive and elevator response is smooth and not at all twitchy, which is the case with some micro foam warbirds I’ve flown. There’s no torque issues at all as the twin 3-blade propellers are counter rotating, just like the full-size Twin Tail Devil of WW2.


I give this great micro fighter two thumbs up and I highly recommend it for anyone who can fly an RC plane and has a couple of trainers under his belt. Just keep the P-38 in close so you can see it better. It gets really small if you fly it far from yourself.

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Updated: July 27, 2015 — 2:31 PM

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