Microaces Cessna 195/LC-126 Kits

Microaces Cessna 195/LC-126 Kits

With the power of social media, hobby forums and electronic newsletters, it’s very easy for manufacturers to ask, listen and respond to their customers. At the beginning of 2014 Microaces started with a question, ‘what aircraft would make a great Microaces trainer?’.

Learn to build & fly

Out of many of the suggestions received from customers and friends of Microaces, the Cessna 195; a 1950’s single engine executive passenger aircraft, seemed to tick many of the boxes: A low wing load and good sized control surfaces to make it an easy flier plus a simple, clean airframe and an uncomplicated undercarriage to make the kit build straightforward too. The idea behind the Microaces Cessna kit is to not only provide an introduction to the world micro flying but to also provide an introduction to micro kit building too.

New Wing Design

Over the summer months many hours were spent designing and testing to create this 18” wingspan, easy build, four channel trainer with a gentle flying nature. During this process a new aerofoil was
developed. A simple fold towards the leading edge of the wing created an under-camber that improves slow flight performance significantly.

Three from One

When it came to creating the illustrations for the covering material, Microaces were spoilt for choice. The actual Cessna 195 has endured, with many still flying to this day. It’s retro looks and tail dragger attitude makes it a popular vintage aircraft to own.

So it was decided to take one from each end of the spectrum; a classic 1950s Businessliner as it would have appeared from the factory and a modern day billboard 195 ‘Estelle’ in bright, attention grabbing colours. It was only after these two aircraft had been completed that the idea of creating the military version of the 195, the LC-126 Arctic Rescue with floats, was conceived and with a little more R&D, was completed in time for product launch.

Spektrum Compatible

All three Cessna models are designed to use the Spektrum AR6400 range of receivers, which are currently the AR6410 & AR6410L but will also accommodate the previous versions of the receiver; the AR6400 & AR6400L.

And to save buying a receiver for every Microaces aeroplane built, each kit comes with a specially designed receiver clip, that allows the Spektrum gear to be shared amongst multiple models. This significantly reduces the cost of ownership if you do get the bug for building and flying these miniature gems.

Video Supported Build

As with all Microaces kits, there’s a comprehensive, step by step illustrated assembly guide included in the box. However with this particular model Microaces are producing an on-line video manual to
bring extra clarity to the build. There are no special skills or specialist tools needed to complete the Cessna 195 either and because there’s next to no mess, it can all be done on the kitchen table!

Free Downloadable Float Kit

While the float laden Cessna LC-126 isn’t recommended for the novice (it does come with swappable wheels too), Microaces are also producing a swappable float kit for the other Cessna models, allowing those with some experience to test out their ROW (rise off water) skills.

But if building one of the ‘without floats’ Cessnas, Microaces has also released the plans, artwork and instructions for their replica Edo float kit for download free-of-charge so that scratchbuilder can have a go at creating their own set.

Link: Microaces Edo Float Plans

Available for Christmas

The Cessna 195/LC-126 kits are now available for pre-order from the Microaces website and will be available from stock from the end of November. The 195 Businessliner & Estelle Deluxe Kits which include brushless motor and speed controller are priced at $79 + shipping and the LC-126 with motor, speed controller and additional floats is $99 + shipping.

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