Mini Mustang: Is it scale?

Mini Mustang: Is it scale?

This 80% scale homebuilt P-51 Mustang, built in the U.S., puts on a show at the Willis Warbirds Fighter Meet in Little Gransden, UK. Love that V8 engine and 4-blade prop! The pilot is eerily lifelike.

So if you build a model of an 80% scale replica, what scale would your model be?



Updated: October 15, 2019 — 10:26 AM


  1. I give this video 3 gold forks! Awesome project.

  2. this is certainly scale, but no longer a model. This is an EAA replica aircraft

  3. eerily lifelike? I would hope so in an 80% scale Stuart Mustang.

  4. This Mustang is an EAA replica, excellent in detail

  5. Hats off to that man! Excellent job! This is how it should be, building a manned aircraft instead of radio controlled model when stepping up to this size. I bet he has a blast flying that warbird replica and it’s way safer.
    I do enjoy looking at giant scale rc models but they should be for static display or flown in an area that’s at least 50 square miles with no buildings around and only the pit crew standing in a protective area. The talent it takes to build some of these giant scale birds is truly remarkable and I tip my hat to all that build them, but we need more Saftey regulations in place if one is flying them. Min the individual should pass a aviation medical examination, obtain a private pilot license, and have some sort of signal override device that would safely take the aircraft away from civilians if radio interference presents itself. These should be mandatory in giant scale rc models.
    Soon the FAA will put the kibosh on all this if we the modellers don’t control our own hobby.

    1. “Bras, I bet he has a blast flying that warbird replica and it’s way safer (than a giant scale model).”

      Thousands have died in general aviation accidents, 347 people got killed in 2013 alone. On average 3 general aviation crashes occur each and every day. These crashes have resulted in the deaths of almost 45,000 people over the last 50 years. GIANT SCALE model aviation is very safe, in fact no one in the US has died from a giant scale model that I know of! I don’t know why you would post such a ridiculous bunch of garbage? Maybe you have big plane envy?

  6. The pilot us a actual person, you can see his hand up in thumbs up position in one of the pics at the end of the video.

  7. Bras- Are you really that stupid????? It is a real airplane. This is an experimental aircraft built from a kit. Pease think before you TYPE!!!!!

    1. Bob Smith, I think you need to read his post again. Does this help? “This is how it should be, building a manned aircraft instead of radio controlled model when stepping up to this size.”

  8. That pilot is unbelievable ! Truly a masterpiece.

  9. Tail is a little thin on square area definitely a D model

  10. Seems to me, Phil Kraft, of Kraft Radios, built himself an F4U roughly this size. Instead of using manual trim tabs, he had them set up with his own KPS-15 servos. Used a Ford 429.

  11. Come on,,, some of you actually thought that was an RC model????

  12. We had one of these fly-in and do a static display at this year’s Michigan Jet Pilot’s Boondoggle in August. Also, we had two real L-39s fly in, do a couple airshows and static display at the Michigan Jet Rally in June. These kit P-51s really look realistic and sound great. They do have a small fuel capacity though. One has to plan fuel stops carefully around here.

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