MKS Metal Servos

MKS Metal Servos

Thomas  Cooke is the North American distributor for MKS servos, and was busy showing off his new line of high-performance servos.

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The HBL950 is their cyclic servo with 0.10 speed and a torque of 229 in-oz at 7.2v.

Their HBL 980 is their tail rotor servo with a blazing speed of 0.036 seconds and a torque of 77 in-oz. at 7.2v.

Although they have a complete line of servos in varying price and performance these are under top-of-the-line servos. Note the CNC machined aluminum case at full titanium metal gear train. These servos are designed for max performance of the most demanding model helicopter.

Updated: August 20, 2012 — 2:55 AM
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