1. Astonishing!!

  2. Fake video.

  3. Way cool. The reason it can fly indoors is because it is set up to be a slow flier. Using a blow torch would not be allowed in most indoor settings, but it does not detract from how awesome this plane is. The big reason a lot of these kind of airplanes fail when flying indoors is because they are too fast.

  4. Remarkably stable at low speeds. Great video.

  5. I would have to see it in real life. Looks fake. It would have to be insanely light and given turbine fuel consumption the weight of the fuel makes this seem impossible. It seems to fly like one of those helium balloon jet models that only work because they have a lighter than air element of their air frame. I was immediately skeptical because the intake area for the “jet” seems impossibly small as well. So until we see the details I am going to say clever fraud.

  6. Clever designing but a bit pointless.

  7. I’d say there’s some helium filled mylar balloons in that thing somewhere, the wingtips maybe? Why too light to have a turbine engine..

  8. Fantastic, Regardless of the negative comments this is quite a accomplishment.

  9. Where can I get one?

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