Model Avionics RevGlow and TJ RevMax

Model Avionics RevGlow and TJ RevMax

The RevGlow is finally a lightweight switchless way of igniting your glow plug. The RevGlow powers the plug for 12 seconds as soon as rotation is detected by the ThrottleMax sensor, but will not power the plug if the throttle is above 25%.  Now you can have an added measure of safety to keep your engine running while practicing autos because the RevGlow will power the plug for 12 seconds when you flit into throttle hold, and also means no more running to get your battery if your engine should quit prior to liftoff.

The TJ RevMax is the latest evolution of the Throttle Jockey for the intermediate, advanced or extreme flyer, acting as either a digital rotor speed governor or limiter, depending on the selected mode. It monitors and governs the engine speed while continuously adapting the response of the engine to the demands of the pilot.  When used as a limiter, and the rotor system is at or below the target rpm, normal throttle control is as per your personal throttle curves. However, it obviously protects the rotor system from an overspeed during extreme maneuvers.  When used as a governor, it’s designed to govern the engine speed between 9500 and 20500 rpm, which is also set by the pilot.

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Updated: July 16, 2015 — 11:12 AM


  1. Ignition module works for me if it gets too hot, it makes it tough to start. There shuold be a heat conducting gel under the module, I have no idea how long it is supposed to last, but it would be a quick and cheap fix if all you had to do was clean off the old gel and add some new stuff.

  2. Chen – I wonder why the ignition module would get too hot for you? Are you using the right voltage? It also only stays on for 12 seconds, so I’m surprised it would get hot in that period of time, unless your engine is hard to start and it takes a longer period of time. But thanks for your input – that’s an interesting observation.

    Other than getting hot, how to you like the RevGlow?

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