Mom & Pop Shops

Mom & Pop Shops


(Photo Above) Hayes Hobby in Fayetteville, NC


Who Says Mom & Pop Shops can’t compete? Hayes Hobby has for 40 years. by Greg Gimlick

The rumor today is that Mom & Pop hobby shops just can’t compete and stay in business. This is predicated on the rapid increase in internet businesses that offer cheap prices and survive without the added overhead that brick and mortar shops have. Well hold on just a minute! Hayes’ Hobby House in Fayetteville, NC has survived for over 40 years and continues to survive in grand fashion. How have they done it and how do they continue to do it? Let’s take a look.

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(Above) Well stocked shops help survival

Martha and Gentry Hayes opened their shop emphasizing customer service and adaptability. That’s been the key to success and their son continues that success while mom and dad still work the shop daily. Stock ranges from Cub Scout projects, doll houses and accessories, crafting, stamp collecting, plastic models, trains, helicopters, airplanes and everything remote control.

            Allan Hayes is quick to point out that there have been down years just like everyone else has, but they’ve continued to support the local community and schools. They maintain contact with teachers who are planning projects and offer them competitive rates for supplies and the added benefit of experience in a wide variety of artistic disciplines.

            They also support Ft Bragg Army base which is located in Fayetteville and has over 20,000 troops. This provides a constantly changing community in need of hobby support. Allan says the military has been good to them and they hope they’ve been good to the military over the years. They often hear from customers who are deployed overseas and in need of supplies. They don’t hesitate to pack up what they need and send it.

So… & pop stores live and thrive. They adapt and improvise to meet the needs of the community. Oh yeah, they also have websites and know now to do mail orders.  Check it out:


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One of Hayes’ Army customers flying his Trex 450 in Baghdad.

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  1. GOOD for the Hayes. Many more local shops would do a lot better if they offered the service that the Hayes offer…..
    I will bet that they offer a lot more help and advice than some
    net nerd that don’t know squat or really care about their customers.

    I wish the Hayes another great 40 years of sucess.

  2. Good for them! Clearly, they understand what it means to make their customers happy. I would love to have a shop like that near me!

  3. I have a hobby shop one hour drive from me.I support them fully.They have a great shop well stocked and very good service.I have had my stint with mail order.Prefer to see the products and have the service from individuals who are in the hobby as well,and support local events.The shop i speak about is AVF hobbies,London,Canada

  4. I’ve shopped here for over 10 years… and I’ve never had an issue “Hayes Hobbies House” couldn’t resolve…even if it is “me” and not the equipment!
    This store has or can has everything and at a Great Price!

  5. I have been a customer since the doors opened. I can tell you first hand that the Hayes family & their employees are all about service. They know your name when you walk in the door once you become a repeat customer. They treat you with respect & offer advice for the newbee. I live just out side Wilmington NC so most of the time its mail order. I drop in when ever I’m in the area & enjoy my visit each time. I would like to thank the Hayes family for all their support to the hobby industry & for the support they have given to all the RC clubs in the area.

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