Monster 40% RC scale DHC-2 Beaver

Monster 40% RC scale DHC-2 Beaver

When it comes to big bush planes, the classic grand daddy of them all is the de Havilland DHC-2 Beaver. This amazing outback workhorse is one of the very important “Air Trucks” used to bring supplies into the furthest reaches of the rugged wildness that is Alaska. Check out this video showing the biggest RC Beaver we’ve ever seen. And what’s more, it made entirely our of aluminum and has over 21,000 rivets making its construction absolutely scale. With a powerful Moki 400cc radial engine in the nose, it even sounds like the real thing! It even has optional floats also made from sheet aluminum.

Available from MHM Scale Aircraft, the 1/2.5 scale Beaver is the company’s first prototype airplane. The company is located in Ludwigsfelde near Berlin, Germany and its 30 employees specialize in the manufacture of high-end, custom made metal applications.



Wingspan: 19 ft. (228.15 inches)

Length: 12 ft.

Height: 43 in.

Empty Weight: 192 lbs

Takeoff Weight:  200 lbs.

Speed range: 20 to 60 mph

Radio: Futaba FX-30 2.4 GHz

Engine: Moki S400 5-cylinder radial (4-stroke gasoline engine)

Power:  The engine develops 23hp @ 3,800 rpm, while turning a huge, custom-made 40-inch propeller.


Updated: July 23, 2015 — 10:02 AM
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