Giant RC — Monster Avro Vulcan

Giant RC  — Monster Avro Vulcan

This massive, 1/5-scale Avro Vulcan is the handiwork of David Johnson and his “Vulcan” team, who spent three years designing and building this incredible aircraft. With a wingspan of just over 20 feet, the Vulcan weighs 300 pounds and has over 100 square FEET of wing area (and a wing loading of 31 pounds per square foot, roughly the same as a big glider!). The model is powered by four Jetsmunt 160 turbine engines that combined produce 155 pounds of thrust, and the plane carries 44 pounds of fuel(!). The Vulcan can fly at speeds of up to 120mph, and it’s just as impressive in the air as it is on the flightline. Thanks to Tbobborap1 for taking this terrific video.


  1. 300 lbs /100 sq feet = 3 lb/sq foot.

  2. Beautiful, specially considering it was designed, built and flown by a single team!

  3. I don’t know what’s more entertaining, the flight of this awesome model, or the pride on the face of the builder.
    What a great job!

  4. Wow! Awesome. Whatta beautiful representation of a classic bomber from the ‘modern’ era. Loved the landing gear action as she taxied over the grass. Those “Tbob” guys can sure put together a video!

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