Monster Messerschmitt

Monster Messerschmitt

Belgian giant-scale modeler Hervé Ferauche certainly believes that “bigger is better”: his Messerschmitt Me 109G “Rote Sieben” is a half-scale beauty with a 205 inch wingspan! A 520cc Hirth Boxer engine and 39×18 prop power this 264-pound fighter, sporting a color scheme from the European front. Built using traditional wood construction, we think Willy would be proud of Hervé with his 50% scale Luftwaffe legend!


Updated: October 24, 2018 — 11:21 AM


  1. Beautiful build and looks like a real stable flyer. From the shots at the field assembly, looks like it is toting a little weight! Excellent job, congrats….

  2. Absolutely beautiful aircraft flown by a “low time” pilot. Some people have more flying skill than money and some have more money than flying experience.

    1. And some people just criticize others accomplishments via the internet, because they have never had an imperfect flight or landing themselves. Right? Lol.

      1. Totally agree Shelby!!

    2. Amazing that you manage to conflate craftsmanship and dedication to a project with money! I can see nothing wrong with the piloting. But then again, he built it, why shouldn’t he fly it??

    3. And some have both or neither – so what is your point?

  3. Beautiful plane and great piloting! Congrats!

  4. Absolutely awesome plane. Your building skills, planning, and attention to detail are beyond reproach. I thank you for sharing your plane. Just a great job.

  5. And some people criticize others view points via the internet because its very easy to do. Unseen and anonymous. Still a beautiful aircraft but this site only seems to like these large aircraft.

    1. I’ve participated in many RC aircraft displays at both Mall’s and full scale airshows, and I can tell you for the most part the public is only interested in giant prop planes and turbine jets. If you have a large turbine jet then they will walk on the small run of the mill planes to see the jet. I personally fly everything, but I always have a crowd around my jets and tons of questions when I attend these shows. So, that is why Model Airplane News will featuring more extreme aircraft, to get views. I only opened the E-mail because of MONSTER 109.

  6. Awesome beautiful plane and craftsmanship. Excellent flight also.

  7. Sounds awesome!!

  8. I fly small planes but thoroughly enjoy watching the big ones fly. That might be the closet i will ever get to flying a big one 🙂 great video! And great pilot.

  9. If the CG is correct this airplane would be a easy flyer.

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