Model Airplane Monster OV-10 Bronco

Model Airplane Monster OV-10 Bronco

Without a doubt, our friends across the pond take giant-scale modeling seriously … just take a look at this behemoth Bronco! With a 14-foot wingspan, this OV-10 was designed to use two Zenoah 62 gas engines and weighs in at around pounds. The giant was originally built by Tony Nijuis, and new owner Steve Holland is flying it at the recent UK Blackbushe Air Show. It only takes Steve about 20 minutes to assemble the aircraft, and if you watch the video it’s clear that he has it down to a science. This giant twin is impressive on the flightline and magnificent in the air; check it out!


  1. This had to be a labor of love. Nice design and nice overall presentation. Please don’t break it!

  2. Very nice!

  3. “weighs in at around pounds” – Looks like you forgot to enter the number in the final edit 😉 However, if the commentator in the video was referring to this specific plane at around 8 minutes in, then it has a 4m (12-13 foot) wingspan, dual control systems, and weighs in at 20kg (44lbs).

  4. Awesome.

  5. Excellent example of an ‘Outstanding Model’ flown well introduced by a ‘First Class’ magazine.

  6. 50kg and it’s great fun to fly. Check out more of our models at the

    1. Hi Steve, could we get in contact?
      I am building a 1/4 scale ov-10 Bronco and was wondering if you could explain how the plane flys and any other info to share about the plane!

      1. Hi, did you take this project forward. I am thinking about building one of a similar size and would be grateful for any info

    2. Hello Steve from South Carolina.
      Do you still have the Big OV-10 Bronco , if so would you consider selling ?
      Sonny Burr

  7. I think you’ll find it weighs a little more than 44lbs having helped the designer and builder with this model a few times I’d say it is a lot closer to 100lbs

  8. Looks like a well built model! Like to see it fly on electric! It would whistle a little like a real turbo prop instead of a weed eater…..

  9. Impressive! This is not a model you take out for a spin in the afternoon.

  10. Beautiful It is a real impressive plane thanks for sharing

  11. great looking aircraft and great flying- looks like a great labor of love

  12. Loved them in Vietnam spotting the enemy and protecting the grunts on the ground. Later we jumped low altitude from them after removing the doors. Most people did not know the could carry stretchers in the cargo hold and able to drop 500 pound bombs

  13. this plane is so cool, cool hobbie

  14. Very nice. My father was sent to Vietnam to work on these aircraft when they were first put into service. He received the Air Force Accommodation Medal for his efforts and achievements during that time. Thanks for sharing.

  15. I did an Airshow years ago in Sioux City, IA and we had OV10 give a demonstration that was fantastic. Your flight was great also, thanks for sharing the video.
    Jim Van Loo AMA822

    1. Hey Jim Van Loo, This is David Henry of St. Peters, Mo. Do you remember me from Sioux City.

  16. I love it and wish that I had one

  17. this bring me back in time to the 70’s when we had OV-10 on our base in Texas,Berstrom AFB, after the war. what a great return to see the plane flying.

  18. I built 2; 48 and 52 pounds, 109″ span, one electric, one gas. Great flier in any size!

    1. Have been conversing off and on with you about building a 109 inch. Flew the full size in Viet Nam.

    2. Rich, have been trying to contact you about your 109 inch span Bronco . Would really like to build one,

  19. Hey Jim Van Loo.

    Do you remember me from flying at Sioux City Iowa. David Henry, St Peters, Mo.

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