Monster Planes 2011 Photos and Winners

Monster Planes 2011 Photos and Winners

Model Airplane News - RC Airplane News | Monster Planes 2011 Photos and Winners

MAN Contributor Rich Uravitch covered this amazing event held in Lakeland, FL and run by Scale Event Guru Frank Tiano, this event is also featured in the March 2011 issue of Model Airplane News. Here’s a sneak Peek of some of the amazing aircraft flying at this amazing RC event! Monster Planes redefines Giant Scale!

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Winners Chart

AWARD                                        SPONSOR                                       WINNER                                 AIRCRAFT

Runner-up Best WW1                Flying Models Magazine            Donald Janssen                        Fokker D-7          

Best WW1                                         RC Model World                          Richard Feroldi                        Albatross                 

Best Pre WW2                                 Fly RC                                             Curtis Switzer                             Curtiss B-2      

Runner-up Best WW2                ZAP Glue                                         Eduardo Esteves                       ME-109       

Best WW2                                       Nick Ziroli Plans                          Scott Prossen                               P-47

Best Biplane                                  Horizon Hobby                             Rick Cawley                                 Jungmeister

Runner-up Best Civilian         Futaba Radio                                   Doug Pierce                                 Stampe

Best Civilian Aircraft              Model Airplane News                   Dave Collis                                  Waco        

Best Craftsmanship                 DaVinci Machining                          Rick Cawley                               Jungmeister

Best Graphics                             Pro-Mark Graphics                         Tom Telesca                               BAE Hawk

Runner-up Best Military       ZAP Glue                                             Scott Prossen                              P-47         

Best Military                             DaVinci Machining                           Frank Tiano                                 P-47                            

Runner-up Best Jet              Model airplane News                         Pablo Fernandez                        T-45

Best Jet                                     RC Jet International                            Scott Marr                                  BAE Hawk

Best Multi Engine                  RC All Composite                                 Greg Foushi                                A-10

Just Plane Awesome          Fly Girls                                                    Tom Smith                                 Hawker Sea Fury

Special Recognition             ZAP Glue                                                 Sean Curry                                OV-10 Bronco              

Special Recognition            Nick Ziroli Plans                                    Gary Prince                               P-47                         

Special Recognition            JR/DSM                                                     Shani Studnik                           Waco

Special Recognition           EZ Balancer                                                Vladimir Holis                        Tipsy Nipper

Runner-up Critics Choice   Frank Tiano Enterprises                     Dave Collis                                 Waco

Critics’ Choice Award     Horizon Hobby & Model Airplane News   Rick Cawley                        Jungmeister

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