Monster Scale: 87% Pitts Python

Monster Scale: 87% Pitts Python

Get out of the way, ’cause that plane wants to FLY! The handiwork of father-and-son team Dave and Greg Hayfield, this monster 300+ (!) pound aircraft is powered by a 650cc Hirth engine spinning a 68-inch, 3-blade carbon-fiber prop. Hitec 805BB, 25kg servos are used throughout: 8 on the ailerons, 4 on the elevators, 2 on rudder, 1 on throttle and 1 for ignition cutoff, and a Futaba radio provides guidance. YouTube’s Tbobborap1 captured this video footage at the 20th annual Large Model Association fly-in Cosford, the United Kingdom last month. Dave notes that it’s the largest and heaviest RC model to be flown in front of spectators yet in the UK!

Model Airplane News - RC Airplane News | Monster Scale: 87% Pitts Python

Model Airplane News - RC Airplane News | Monster Scale: 87% Pitts Python

Updated: July 16, 2015 — 3:45 PM


  1. OMG! I am a giant scale guy all the way, but this thing is amazing! It’s bigger than many Ultra-light man-carrying aircraft! Wow!

    1. GO BIG OR GO HOME…..what a great RC plane

    2. It flies like a Potato with wings. UN-amazing. 87% size and it flies like 25% scale? what a waste of time, just add another 13% so you can just in the damn thing and fly it …… after you put in a competent motor so it doesn’t fly like that Potato with wings. This is not RC, this is PT Barnum / Ringling Brothers, I was just waiting for the 12 clowns to jump out of the painted cockpit canopy when it landed. Now THAT would have been amazing.

        1. Barinless much?

          1. So says the man full of envy.

      1. It maybe under powered, but so are most of the smaller (25%) scale models i see flying.
        Such criticism can only come from someone who’s not capable of building a model of this quality.

        1. @Scott – You must not be capable of much coherent thought, if all you can muster is a personal attack. I’ll wager your hanger has nothing but EPP Foam ARF planes from China. Touche.

          1. A bet you you would surely have lost.

        2. Well said Scott. Don’t you mind Webster, he’s full of envy.

      2. To WP………when your 82% scale flies, please let us all know so we can compare/critique it to be fair. Otherwise…….
        I certainly applaud the builders efforts!!!

  2. A plane that big and heavy with a painted canopy??! That’s not an exercise in scale, it’s wretched excess, and more to the point, freakin’ dangerous! A plane that big has to turn around so frequently within the typical field layouts that it no longer looks scale. It looks rather like a fly trapped in a bottle. If you want to build that big, get into the darn thing and fly it the way it’s supposed to be flown.

    1. Agree as well


    2. I totally agree and I don’t see this thing flying very scale either. While it had enough power to get off the ground fairly well (more the function of the foils) it lumbered around like a Potato with wings. Watching the video it could barely do a loop and every time it rolled it fell out of sky. All the pilot could muster was a VERY sloppy 4-point roll. THAT is no Pitts Python, I see plenty a real airshows! They are fast and high powered Bipes, turning on a knifes edge, crisp and sharp! Maybe these guy should have put a Kawasaki 1000cc 4-Banger in it at this size! I applaud his building skill and the planes looks, despite the awful solid canopy; never-the-less this is not true RC Scaler building or flying (capability), more so just for the record book shock value. Now I’m just waiting for some twit to put an RC Radio in a full size real Piper Cub and claim it’s now the “biggest RC Model”!! To me this is just a Yawner.

  3. When is a model no longer a model?!. Most impressive but why not just go fullsize

  4. Fantastic hand work and it’s a really challenge! But will be funny can flight it inside the airplane!!!

  5. Out of control with this size. And we wonder why the FAA does not trust us with self regulation. This is a UAV and should be controlled under FAA regulations. This is not modeling.

    1. Dom, that plane was built, and flown in the U.K. an actual first world nation, a much more developed society than ours. You know they have things like universal health care, real public education; their kids don’t get depressed and go shooting their class mates, women have the freedom to decide what’s better for them, and their citizens are able to exercise their democratically given right to vote unlike us here in the U.S. where instead of going forward we have a minority that wants to tell women what to do with their bodies, a minority that is doing all they can to suppress voters rights, so fanatical that has kidnapped our congress and won’t let us move forward; instead they’re trying the best they can to sink us back into the 1920’s. So Dom and, the rest of you criticizing this huge and beautiful plane… Keep your opinions to yourself; if you DO NOT have anything positive to contribute you’re all better off keeping your mouth close.
      Thank you Debra for the video, it’s been a while since I saw something as exciting in RC. As a matter of fact the last time was when you posted that video of the guy flying his foamy with a cam on it from his balcony. We all remember what happened you had to take down the video even thou it’s been posted on YouTube for a long time and for the whole world to see.

      1. Raul: The soap box oratory was entirely uncalled for. If you can’t stay on the topic of model planes, you’d be better off keeping your mouth closed.

        1. What Tom is the truth too hot to handle for ya??

      2. Um, check me if I’m wrong here, but we Americans with our pesky freedom and gun rights kicked the hell right out of the British and sent them home with their tails between their legs. LOL AND, we also helped them against a certain German fellow if I recall correctly.
        Keep to planes, because politics isn’t working out for you.

        1.  Matthard
          August 24, 2012 at 10:55 PM
          Um, check me if I’m wrong here, but we Americans with our pesky freedom and gun rights kicked the hell right out of the British and sent them home with their tails between their legs. LOL AND, we also helped them against a certain German fellow if I recall correctly.
          Keep to planes, because politics isn’t working out for you.

          There it is people like you are the reason why the whole world makes fun of us. You see the kind of idiocy that you spew out of your uncultured brain and mouth is not understood by 99.9 of the civilized world thus they think all of us here in the good old U.S.A. are morons like you. Just so you know, yes back in the 1700’s a group of very intelligent, educated, and enlighten individuals; which you obviously have nothing to do with, were inspired by the French revolution and organized the independence war against King George, and what was then the “British Empire.” Since then a lot of things happened including WWII in which we helped not just England but the whole world to get rid of the Nazi scum and we were great!!! But, since then we’d done nothing to evolved, thus relegating our society to levels way below the average of that of nations that could have not survived without our help, like England for example.

          1. Raul, you need a refresher in history bud. It wasn’t the Americans inspired by the French revolution, it was the French inspired by our revolution.

            And I for one think it’s people like you, who obviously is educated beyond your intelligence, to make comments like you did in a forum meant to discuss achievements in model aviation.

            As for your comment about not evolving, you seriously need to look back about 50 years and eat some of those words. The problem today is we are being force fed the concept of globalism and with it, comes all the corruption of third world despots with equal voices in what happens in the world. So if you’re so unhappy with the United States, you’re free to go wherever you wish to. I won’t stop you, he’ll I’ll give you the airfare, just stay there. And keep the comments germaine to the subject.

          2. John Sohm
            August 25, 2012 at 2:28 PM
            Raul, you need a refresher in history bud. It wasn’t the Americans inspired by the French revolution, it was the French inspired by our revolution.

            Oh Lord!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You just put yourself to shame John. Not only was the French revolution the first revolution, much more than that it were the inspiration to all other revolutions; and they came to our aid against the British Empire. I was going to refer you to a couple of history books but I realized that it would be a waste of my time taking under consideration that you obviously are an intellectually challenged individual, therefore I would just recommend you too Google it, that should be easy enough for a person like you. Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!!!!!
            P.S. Do us all a favor and stop posting about history. These posts are read all over the world and you’re just giving ammo to those who consider all of us ignorant. Truths be told, I can blame them for thinking we’re morons, just take a look at what you wrote.

          3. Raul

            Oh Lord!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You just put yourself to shame John. Not only was the French revolution the first revolution, much more than that it were the inspiration to all other revolutions; and they came to our aid against the British Empire.

            Wow, you really are educated beyond your intelligence my friend. Fact: American Revolution 1775 – 1783
            Fact: French Revolution 1789 – 1799
            Fact: American Revolution came prior to the French Revolution. That is unless in your mind, 1789 came before 1775. So the next time you want to spew historical “fact”, make sure it’s accurate. And don’t even think that the 7 Years War (1756 – 1763), known as the French and Indian War in America, was the start of the French Revolution, it sure as heck was not.

            Thus endeth the history lesson, let’s get back to airplanes.

        2. @Matthard

          Actually the Americans settled with the British after the British burnt the American Capital – Washington – and the White house. Apparently you can still see the scorch marks if you can get into the building.
          The united States was almost lost .

          History is easy to learn about on the web …

          Check and Mate

    2. My thought excactly. As RC modelers we all believe our intentions are just to have a fun time. The general non RC public see these planes as potential weapons in the wrong hands. I’m totally in favor of the freedom to build as big as we can. Just don’t question the motives of the FAA and be prepared for their sanctions

  6. When they start building planes at 2X or 3X, will they still be called RC models?

  7. This will catch a lot of eyes, including the Feds. At some point common sense and the enevitable restrictions on the RC community as a whole need to be evaluated.

  8. Gary,

    Dave and Greg,
    Your engineering prowess and building abilities are to be commended and admired. I would be interested in learning more about the materials used, how many hours expended, total cost and how you kept it to 300#’s.

    P.S. to the naysayers: Note that it was flown in the UK and not US airspace. FAA US limits our models to 125# max.

  9. Why all the shock and horror over what is still an RC model?
    Looking at the video they flew this at an airfield, a real full size one and flew it well
    Good on them for building it, and again for a fantastic flying display to boot.
    Not likely to be flying at an RC field near you lol…

  10. Good thing its in the UK otherwise problems could arise here in the US

  11. I dunno! Looks pretty darn scale to me. And flown rather skillfully.


  12. This is the kind of thing that gets model aircraft in trouble with the authorities and the general population. Just because something can be done doesn’t mean that it’s a good idea to do it.

  13. Awesome! Love it!

  14. Frank Tiano now has something to be jealous about!

    pfffft! :p~~~~~

  15. Awesome!

    I love big planes… wish I had one!

  16. The car to transport it in, will be cheaper than the plane ;o)

  17. If I built something that big, I’d want to be in the cockpit, not on the ground.

  18. Great aircraft and skillfully built. The only thing out of place is the painted canopy.
    Why all the negativity? Just because it can’t be done in the States, doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be elsewhere.
    As long as it is constructed correctly and flown safely, i don’t see how it will adversely affect aeromodelling. It’s the doom sayers that will ultimately cause unwanted attention.

  19. Gentlemen, in my opinion this is the very sort of a thing that could lead to federal legislation that would ban our right to fly RC models, and as you know, those issues are already being contested. This will only fuel the fire that could consume us. I think the AMA must come out publicly against such heavy aircraft that could easily down a full size aircraft. Lets be reasonable and define what a “model aircraft” really is in size and weight.I also think that magazines like Model Airplane News should join in on reasonable self-control of these issues ad make our voices heard. If nothing is done soon, we may lose the right to fly RC models -period, and that would be a real disaster for the industry.

    Bert C. Striegler, AMA 947

    1. The 25% models we fly could easily down a full size aircraft.
      A model is a model regardless of it’s size and the more people carry on about topics such as this, the more notice the authorities will take.
      Just accept it for what it is and don’t try and take away the rights of people to try something different.
      It’s people like you that will bring the end of RC.

    2. I agree. Models as big as real planes will cause normal modelers to be penalized with more regulations and cost i.e license and inspection requirements. I own and fly full size and models. Full size is very regulated in both inspections, maintenance requirements, pilot physicals and skill reviews. Fed regulators will not see the difference when trying to protect the general public.

      1. Stringent regulations for full size aircraft are there because they actually carry people. Models don’t. But i do agree inspections for build quality on models is required.
        I also think that pilots should be assessed as to their pilot skill levels before being allowed to fly large models.

    3. Well I have seen a PC-9 model with a wing of about 4 foot an engine of .45 and weighed about 4lb go through and metal roof. The hole was about 3 foot by 4 foot. And I do have pics of it. So to say that a model of that size is what it takes to take down is not true. The small ones can do it very well.

    4. Bert, of course you are entitled to your opinion about what the AMA should do but bear in mind, they have nothing to do or say regarding this particular aircraft as it was built and flown in the United Kingdon, not the United States. Europe has had many extremely large R/C planes and events over the years. I have a DVD of LaFerte 2004 which shows many huge planes including a 1/2 scale Messerschmitt 109G with a 535cc engine in it and a 70% Caudron. They are regulated as to building but I for one applaud not only their skill in building and flying such large models, but also their self assured attitude and lack of fear of what others may think as to what is and isn’t safe and letting fear of lawsuits determine what’s acceptable.

    5. It Dosen,t have to be big to take down a full size aircraft. I hace seen a .46 PC-9 go through a meatle roof making a hole 3 foot by 4 foot

  20. As much as I appreciate the time, effort and skill we have now reached STUPID. That model would not even qualify as an ultralight in the US.

    The FAA and Homeland Security are already sniffing arround. Once they see this the wheels of regulation are going to start turning and we are going to find it much more difficult to fly.

    Daniel Feldman
    RC and GA Pilot

    1. In case you haven’t noticed, the US aren’t the be all and end all of everything.

    2. And in our National Magazines Webisode. How does an organization on one hand say they’re working hard to keep us flying while on the other hand they give the spotlight to the 1% that COULD sway agencies that if left to police our own, there will be no police.

      This shows damn poor judgement Debra. Any more of this and I think you should be looking for a new job.

      Impressive build? I don’t know. It’s the size of a home built without any of the engineering. Wheres the load analysis? Where are the regs that it had to pass to make sure that Bob the home builder didn’t forget to glue a joint OR re-enforce it for that matter. With deep enough pockets a large majority of us older guys, and a good portion of the newer ones, would be able to produce this craft. That doesn’t mean that it’s safe. It’s bigger then some full scale aircraft and he’s using a transmitter/receiver to control it. Loss of control with this much excess could be devastating.

      You know, in the world of High Power Rocketry you would have to be certified and get a flight clearance from the AMA for something of this size. Maybe we should start requiring folks flying anything over 100 inches/75 pounds to do the same?

      Yes, I realize this happened in England.

      1. Mrclean you should be ashamed of yourself. So you’re proposing censorship of the press to satisfy your narrow mindlessness? You Sir are the epitome of the square mentality. If you do not appreciated the contents of this news letter by all means unsubscribe from it, I guaranty you that you won’t be missed. Debra keep on doing your job, you’re very good at it.

      2. Mr.Clean … a few comments on your idiotic post.
        1) This is not the AMA, its the free press.
        2) Not sure what “agencies” you’re referring to, but seriously doubt they would make policy off of a blog. If they do, there are bigger issues.
        3) To suggest someone should lose their job, you clearly are missing the point here. They report news that’s interesting. Given the amount of comments here, looks like they did they’re job.
        4) Notice you didn’t pay a dime to view the video. If you don’t like the show, change the channel…

      3. Get your facts straight before you post and look like a jerk. The UK regulations for large scale aircraft require inspections during the build as well as stringent flight checks. And last time I checked MAN is not the AMA.
        Poor judgement?? Hardly… I thought the video was impressive and hope MAN does an article on this aircraft and it’s builder in the magazine. Thank you for posting this one, Debra.

        1. Well said. There’s one in every crowd.

  21. Oh yeah I see the haters are already venting. Big Brother will surely take a look at these. Love the plane but a few grand more and you could fly it from the cockpit and not the ground. Folks are gonna love this one, I can hear it now. Hehehe

  22. I agree it is a beautiful job ,but for what purpose ? I am so glad that the AMA limits or models weights as this is just too far out the “other” side. Can you imagine what is going to be done when something this big goes into a crowd and hurts / kills someone ! The entire hobby all over the world will suffer for it . Like someone said,you could easily build a “real” human toting aircraft for what expenditure of time and money they have spent. I agree if thats what you want to spend your money and time on,great ,but its way out in left field as far as safety goes . WP

    1. Reality check. Full size aircraft crash and kill people and I doubt very much that you could build a man carrying aircraft for the same cost.
      As far as safety goes, what did you see that was unsafe? I know i didn’t see anything.
      The flight was very safely performed.

  23. Models are not “man-rated”. The reason that they can’t just get in it and fly is because they’d be risking their lives. Unmanned aircraft that are only flown where they can crash without risk of life and property are a LOT less complex and expensive. Upgrading that aircraft to something that would be safe to carry people would increase the cost by a factor of 10 or more, I’m sure.

  24. No limits in the UK haha! Very cool, though seriously underpowered compared to most RC aerobatic planes.

  25. I think the current regulation makes it an R/C, and free of further regulation, is if it’s flown in line of sight, right? So then the larger the model, the further away from the pilot it can get and still be controlled in “line of sight”. So I hope the operator knows how far away he can get before he looses his radio link. And I hope he knows that range limit is dynamic and subject to change without notice due to local radio interference, or even a solar flair. And what if he drops and destroys the transmitter while in straight and level flight, how far will that plane go. I think it should have fail safe systems to mitigate risks such as that.

    1. And what if, fire and brimstone come from the heavens? What if, What if???
      Rediculous comments.
      What failsafe do you propose for someone droping their Tx?
      Let’s get back to reality and give a bit of thought before posting.

  26. Why is it, in a country that is supposed to be an “enlightened” country, that people just can’t leave other people alone, to do as they wish? As noted multiple times, This aircraft was NOT BUILT OR FLOWN in the U.S.!!! IT was built and flown in a country that DOES ALLOW large scale aircraft. To me, the people that are wailing about it sound like people in the days when automobiles were first being developed…..”Man was never meant to go over 15 MPH”..Or when aircraft were being developed…”If man were meant to fly, he would have been born with wings”…….there have always been naysayers, and I guess there always will….and it;s really too bad!!!

    As to the aircraft itself…Great job!!!!


  27. ( This is a UAV and should be controlled under FAA regulations. This is not modeling._) regulation are whats wrong with all of us these days they is no room to dream big and get out there and have some fun . When I have all my planes out at the field and there are kid’s there . they all like the big one not the littel toys .So thank you Debra for showing this and thank Dave and Greg please keep them comming bigger is better 🙂

    1. One of the reasons we don’t have the youth involved in our sport and hobby is that they come to our fields as you say,but what do they see ? Models that cost as much as a used car or in some cases a new car . That said,I don’t think we are getting the youth involved ,especially in this economy ,when we try to get them excited over a model like this. I love the bipe,but don’t confuse that model with drawing new members at this size and price ! Do us all a favor and show the kids something they can fly and afford !! WP

  28. 87% Python. Reply from Dave, Gregs Dad and a professional electronics engineer, modelling for 50+ years and a long standing member of our UK Large Model Association. A model of this size and any model over 20 Kg has to go through the most strenuous checks required by our CAA before it can be flown anywhere. The construction is inspected thoughout it’s build to the same specs as any full size aircraft. We are modellers, althought many of our LMA members are airline pilots or general aviation flyers and we enjoy building large scale models. These large aircraft are only flown from airfields, not club sites, and mainly to entertain the general public who flock to our model airshows which we organise throughout the summer months. What is the point of putting on an airshow with models more at home on your club patch. People come to see something different and that is what we strive to do. I’m probably tempting fate here but our safety record over the last 20 years has been exemplary with very large models and recently, with the introduction of turbines, very fast models.( take a look at our…) All aircraft have to have failsafe systems incorporated and very strict proceedures are adhered to at all airshows. The resulting financial income from our events has provided funds for many of our aircraft museums and since we are all enthusiasts we are indepted to the museums for keeping the fine craft from our past available. I see some correspondents are not to positive about our large models, all model flying has it’s risks, so has motor racing, hang gliding, anything where faults can occurr but we can’t all be wrapped in cotten wool all our lives, you may walk in front of a bus tomorrow, who knows? Safe flying is no accident!

  29. Big enough so you can charge toddlers and small children a nickel a ride.

  30. A Bunch of Green Eyed Envy Here!! Cobra Ray!

  31. Many of the comments from the US sound like “sour grapes” to me. I’m not a modeller but a “modeller’s wife” who’s been involved in the hobby for as long as I remember and has been “persuaded” into paperwork and working in Transmitter Control (before the introduction in the UK of 2.4 Ghz). Reading the comments posted herein, I am amazed that those who are complaining are probably silent when it comes to UAVs and the threat of unmanned civil aircraft. Our CAA regulations are much more stringent than you can imagine. Greg’s model is a first and no one has yet mentioned that he is, actually, a full-size aircraft engineer. He has probably stripped down and rebuilt more large heavy passenger jets than most of you have seen! So he DOES know what he is doing.

  32. C’mon! When is it going to be big enough? I agree with most of the above. It is cool, but it is too large for any field I know of, and the “danger factor” is out of sight. What’s the old saying? A fool and his money are soon parted? !! I see a heart attack in the making when it goes in… and wow, what a hole!!

  33. Raul must be a liberal, yikes i thought this was about rc airplanes. fine plane, flies verey scale. Raul stop whining, lets talk about planes, not politics!!!!! wil rad here.

    1. Well if wanting the common wealth of the nation makes me a liberal then I guess I’m one and proud of it!!! Sooo… What does that makes you??? Tell me “Willard” does that make you a member of the extreme Reich? You surely sound like one.

  34. Cool model. Personally, I like them all, little to big. This is clearly not a park flyer! The issue on safety is paramount and exist for all RC’s, not just big models. A five pounder could do a major number on youy. The issue on security is not the size, but rather the avionics that can be installed to set the model free to go to a predetermined point, now that is a problem and perhaps that should be the focus of Homeland Security. . I cannot fly my RC within 30 miles of Richmond when a TFR is established. Now for me, that is a joke, I have a hard time controlling the model when it is 1/2 mile away, 30 miles is beyond my sight range.. Regulation needs to be restricted, remember, every regulatory action has perhaps unintended and costly consequences, typically reduced access. RC flying is great, lets don’t screw it up with regulation in the manner that the FAA has done to General Aviation.

  35. Beautiful airplane but grossly underpowered. That’s why acrobatic maneuvers look sluggish and ungraceful . I figure that when building a model this big, the first thing you have to decide is if you have enough money to pull it through. It’s a pity, because all the effort ended up in an airplane that does not perform and looks like it’s dragging its feet all the way.
    For God’s sake, this is an aerobatic mean animal, make it fly and perform like so!

  36. Now that you have the “rest of the story” do all of you whiner’s out there have anything to say?

  37. Well spoken Dave Hayfield. What happens when a small scale jet looses bind with the transmitter and becomes a run away? That would not kill a few people or bring down a large plane, would it? hell no, of course it would. You might not be flying close to an airfield or not too high. but it would not take long to get to either location. A failsafe device needs a failsafe device in case the failsafe device fails. Nothing is for sure. Great build guys, just trash the canopy that’s all or paint it black. The good old US of A has some rather large UAV’s flying around at the moment and I would be more concerned about those than a father and son flying at an organized event. There has just been another shooting in the good old US of A outside the Empire State building. Police fired 14 shoots and killed the gunman but dropped a few innocent bystanders who would of been better off at a large scale RC flying event in the UK lol.

  38. Guy, Be thankful they even gave us the privledge to see the Plane in the Air. When your at membership airfield do you critisize their plane or just help them any way you can to get it in the air because your passion is flight. Two to one power ratio would have been beautiful on that bird but not seeing it at do to cost or just once because of split wings I commend and thank them for the video

    1. I agree on the video,thanks for sharing it.

  39. That’s nuts… Just get inside it and fly it.

  40. Check out this site. They full scale airplanes that build like a model but you can get in and fly. This plane uses a Hirth much smaller than the one in the above plane.

    1. Thanks for the links Glenn, I will be buying the FP-303!!!!!!!

      Thanks again man.

  41. You can buy a kit or build by plans. It’s all made from white pine except for the longerons and spars that are spruce. Cover it with Stits fabric that is less expensive than Monokote and is much easier to use. The one in the link is an ultralight so you need no pilots license. There are others that are experimental aircraft on the site that you do need a pilots license to fly..

  42. Having said that… this Python is pretty cool and quite an accomplishment.

  43. amazing! blew the whole project with that canopy though. fail!

  44. Well I really think that it is great and just love it. Something like that would be a lot of fun to build.

  45. When the planes get that big I am concerned about safety… Cool but not crazy about planes that big…2 cents worth…Enjoy our hobby while we can!

  46. It was an interesting airplane for certain – but, and no politics, etc. – in the back of my mind I kept thinking that it was just really underpowered or the prop had the wrong pitch or both. It had enough static thrust and lift to take off quickly but during the rest of the flight it could not attain anywhere close to a scale speed. Not taking away from the building feat and work involved but this kinda spoils it a bit. And yes that canopy has got to go – maybe paint it black!

  47. I have always believed that BIG is BETTER!!! I do know that the bigger, the easier to fly. This video proves it is so. The scale effect is perfect. It’s power to speed ratio and maneuverability were scale-on. My hat is off, to building a project of this magnitude. All of the negative clowns above could never have accomplished this feat. The negative people just do not get it. Building a large flying model that does not carry people is the challenge here, not building one that does carry people. Like they say, if something is beyond your ability, discredit or be-little the effort . This gives the negative people a false since of power. In the end they are really the loser. I plan to radio control a small real passenger carrying airplane. I will fly it to the model field and land it. Then I will get out of it and flip a switch that lets me fly it with my transmitter as a ground controlled R/C airplane. I will put on an air show, then land it and get into it and fly it back home. For the record, this has already been done.

  48. Dave Hayfield here. Very interesting comments from you folks in the USA and quite a lot of misinformed opinions but that is another story. What I would like to put straight are the suggestions regarding the build of the model. The canopy was a problem, we couldn’t find anyone with a vaccuum mould unit large enough to form a thin perspex canopy. The full size one would be too heavy and we were getting close to the maximum permitted weight of 150Kg so the one you see on the plane is a fibreglass moulding. Again, if a larger engine was fitted the max weight limit would be compromised not to mention the extra stress engineering required for extreem aerobatics. This airplane has a microlite engine and it must be considered as an aerobatic microlite, not a roaring 500 horsepower monster which the fullsize is. As far as flight testing is concerned our CAA requirements for a model of this size are that it should be flown for not less than 2 hours which has to include 12 takeoffs and incorporating the style of flying that this type will be perfoming at displays. All of this has to be done with a CAA inspector and witness in attendance. Thanks for all your interest.

  49. I thought it was a good effort. My concern is what will happen to the RC hobby if this or any other large plane goes into a crowd.

  50. Great piece of work, but for crying out loud, with the Hirth engine, you could fly it with a real pilot!

  51. Too much negativity . The project sounds like there was plenty of regulation going on. Mean people suck! They are bad apples,a deseas that spreads and ruins the good life of the majority ! Too bad about the canopy ,and I give the project a thumbs up ! Great job !

  52. It seems to me, from many of the comments here , that modellers in he USA are out of touch with the models that we fly in the UK and most of Europe. This big Pitts is just one of the dozens of large ‘planes that we have been flying for years at shows. Take a look at the French airshow La Ferte’ Alais website where many of our large craft fly each year. I get the feeling that many of the people leaving comments think that this is the only ‘big’ model around. As scale modellers providing aircraft that the general public pay to watch we enjoy building and flying something different, and so do the paying spectators, so far this year the number of people attending shows has been massive. What recession???

  53. Hell so much hot air. Here in South Africa we have a 25kg limit. We would love to be granted 50 or 60kg. But my argument is that a lumbering, slow flying 50kg Cub is less dangerous than a 20kg 300km/h Eurosport. Responsibility is at the end of the day we should all be aware of as modellers. Sounds to me the necessary action was taken regarding the Pitts. I fly a 50% Cub regularly and it is a breeze to control. My 15kg, 300km/h Flash gets me shaking. Sorry, I see this argument has already been raised- so these are my thoughts anyway.

  54. Nice job, but why not build the real airplane?

  55. the person who build this big r/c, own tree full size he no need another real one. my friend bless you for so beautiful R/C airplane,big is power!!!! on your stick.keep em building!!!

  56. Hats off to the builder. A little too big fo rmy tastes, but nice.

    To you other guys who are spouting off about politics and all that trash. Keep it off the RC forums please. Jeez……

  57. And we wonder why the FAA wants to regulate RC modeling!

  58. Such Jealousy is unbelievable a Job well done and executed
    Congratulations to the builders, Keep up the good work.

  59. To all of the envy bubbling guys:

    I feel sorry for you all. Stop suffering from those corrosive feelings! it is good to understand that there is always someone better than you. That is a good motivation to grow and improve.

    To the builders:

    Excellent job! I can’t determine from the video if the model may be underpowered or the pilot is too cautious. The truth is that I admire scale models flying like real aircraft and not like rockets. I don’t know any real aiplane capable of flying like a 3D r/c kind.

  60. First off, I am jealous , Really jealous! Albeit my dream big scale is a C-130 Hurcules, but never the less I tip my hat to the father -son team! Many many man hours went into that airframe and that in its self warrants applause and reverent respect!

  61. Very cool indeed.
    I personally dont mind the canopy. I actually prefer not looking into a model and seeing the inside of the fuse.
    I do however agree that it seemed underpowered at times.

    All in all if you have the space and funding why not go huge. I myself am working on a 560% paper airplane rc model dimensions will be approx. 48″x62″.

  62. I love big planes, and Bipes, but that solid painted canopy is UGLY. And SO not scale. Plus I have to agree with other comments – the plane DOES look underpowered. Nice build, otherwise.

  63. It looks to me as some of you have not payed to much attention to the flight charteristics of full size aircraft in an air show situation. The flight of this bird is very realistic.

  64. Can’t anybody just say “neat” without getting in a pissing match?

  65. Having seen this plane fly at the southern model show this weekend just gone, its a stunner, a real head turner of a plane, even when on the ground! Looks fantastic in the air too!

  66. Beautiful airplane! It might raise some eyebrows but if I had a plane that size It would have miniature TV Cameras on it (1) 5 cams on front of cockpit. forward and 45 degrees to sides and 90 degrees on each side. 180 degree coverage to nose and sides. (2) one rear facing (3) a couple on the belly (4 )Forward, and one Vertical. it would also have a resecue ‘chute. Of course you would need a “Ham” radio license. no big deal. i would also consider some telemetry – Like a temp gauge and fuel. You might then have a legal RPV. And more paperwork. Maybe a “Can of worms” For an encore you might build a 7/8 scale C130 in your basement.but you’d probably have to knock out a wall to get it out! Just kidding!

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