Monster Scale L-39 Albatross

Monster Scale L-39 Albatross

With a wingspan of 11.4 feet (138 inches!), this L-39 is close to 1/4-scale and is the largest RC Albatros ever flown. The big , 125-pound jet is from Tomahawk Design and is piloted here by Marc Petrak. Powered by a JetCat P400-RX turbine with 8 pounds of thrust, it is controlled by a Spektrum DX 18 radio with Spektrum A6270 servos and a Powerbox power supply.  It replicates the scheme of the full-size Breitling Jet Team. Thanks to RCScalePlanes for taking this video at the Euroflugtag event in Rheidt Neiderkassel last month and sharing it with us!

Updated: May 8, 2018 — 10:48 AM


  1. must be a typo, 8 lbs of thrust, I don’t think so

  2. Yeah….more like 80 lbs of thrust

  3. Dang! It amazes me at how deep some of our fellow RC folks pockets seem to be! I just bought an airworthy and currently flying Sonerai 2L for 1/2 or maybe even 1/3 of what I’ll bet that-bird costs! And I can actually get in my Sonerai and go somewhere in it…and darn quick too….140mph @ only 4 gallons per hour in lean cruise! Sweet! And that truly (IS), a SWEET L39 replica RC jet too! Kudos!

  4. Wonderful finish. Expertly flown. I could watch the gear retract and extend all day long. I sure would like to see the servo(s) installation.

  5. Max thrust is actually 395 Newtons = 89 lb.

  6. A plane this big should run futaba hear so you don’t lose it from the crappy spektrum connection reliability on large craft. Nice job!! Other than that;)

  7. Horst’s videos are always great. Beautiful bird but it needs some pilot figures.

  8. I hate to think of the negative consequences to our hobby when one of these large jets plows into a crowd killing a bunch of people. It won’t be good for our hobby.

  9. Magnificent! Absolutely perfect jet model. I want one !!

  10. All that scale detail and no pilot figure?

  11. Wonderfully gentle landing.

  12. That is it , amaizimg landing

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