1. When I see a model like the 85% Pitts, I think to myself, why not just build a 100% version? You could buy a kit for it and not have to make every part & fitting yourself. But, whatever make you happy…

  2. Bullshit! These are not model airplanes! I could not care less about them!
    Our model airplane hobby is dying, if not dead already. I yearn for the days of yesteryear; like when all the model airplane magazines, [yes, there were about 6 of them/only 2 mediocre ones left], had at least 3 construction articles per issue, 1-Free Flight, 1 control-line and 1 RC. Now, we have virtually nothing; mags reporting on giant models, and a bunch of political hogwash. Fortunately for myself, I have save all of my old magazines, several hundred from the 1950s, and all from January 1st, 1960 to date; including MAN, RCM, RCSM, MB, FM, RCR, MA, + a few from Europe, Australia; all carefully stored in my model mag library. I refer to them constantly.

    Our Hobby, Our Country, Our World, are in a sad state of affairs, and I do not feel good about the future. A USA Civil War, WW3 are almost imminent, if not wars, a Worldwide Economic Drepression, far surpassing the 1930s is going to happen for sure.

    So, take your Giant Scale Model Reports, and Shove’em, I’m not interested. Sorry to be so cheerful, but that is my opinion, best regards from Wickenburg, Arizona.

    1. Agree! Don’t get it. Would rather fly full size. Put together my first kit in 1990, and some of the best memories was building and flying these simple .25 size planes. Not many kits available anymore, but have managed to find quite a few on EBay. Unfortunately collectors pricing. At least I have something to build for years to come. And only with glow engines.

    2. I agree. I well remember years ago when I really looked forward to the latest issue of Model Airplane news. Full of great construction articles, how to articles, tips, reviews on the latest thing and so on. It was a thick magazine back then, not just a few skimpy pages full mainly of advertising as it is now. What a shame.

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