Monster Scale Victor Bomber

Monster Scale Victor Bomber

This 18-foot-span beauty is the handiwork of Gordon Nicholls and is flown here by Andy Johnson at the Large Model Association (LMA) RC show at the Royal Air Force Elvington airfield. This 15-year-old, 1/6.5-scale jet has more than 300 flights and is powered by two Wren 160 turbine jet engines. A replica of the Cold War bomber, it weighs in at 150 pounds. It’s a fantastic aircraft and its many successful flights are a testament to the rigors of construction under LMA regulations.

Updated: May 8, 2018 — 10:49 AM


  1. Thanks for bringing this video to us .

  2. not only well built but well flown with stupid tricks that get out of hand quickly
    Nice airplane and very nice flight

  3. The design and building of this beautiful aircraft must have been a challenge! It looks awesome, both on the ground and in the air. All those in the design, building and flying are to be commended.

  4. Fantastic! Congrats!

  5. How about a EPO model, say 1400-1500mm. Twin EDF 5 blade. 4 cell, 2200mAH battery? That whould be a great plane!!

    By the way. NICE FLIGHT!!!!

  6. Very good looking plane! One of the nicest i have watched in a while! It looks like it handles well also! Nice flying! A very beautiful bird!

  7. Hello Gordon,
    We supported Gordon about 15 years ago with a 5.0HKF Kerosene fueler. Gordon is a good friend of mine & Dave Biddington. Wonder if he still uses it?
    Dean Kraus /JM

  8. Love the gear cycling. Betcha don’t fly that one offa the grass.

  9. Stunning job and reliability. Congrats and live long. Thanks, Paul

  10. Absolutely beautiful, looks to only need about 50% throttle, thanks for publishing

  11. First class modeling, across he has the something to work from that was this not everyday you guys such a great model to work with some I’m talking about the original plan that is very well designed.

    If seem to be a lot more into wreck in doing scratch work without plans and someone with real skill acquired over time. I’m is what develops thathe skill.

    1. WHAT?

  12. Fantastic. I struggle to decide my favourite, Victor or Vulcan. Both absolutely gorgeous.

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