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Mooney Mite

Mooney Mite

I like unique and lesser-known general aviation airplanes, and so, with a little prodding from fellow electric ఀier Mike Brinker, I picked the Mooney Mite for my most recent project. Ѐe model is all-balsa construction, and it features a fully sheeted wing and 3/16-inch balsa tail surfaces and is equipped with E-ఀite 15–25 electric retracts. The model features a large top hatch to make battery changes easy, and the build is pretty straightforward. To help speed it up, I asked Top Notch Kits (TNK) to laser-cut my cowl pieces, Firewall, formers, and wing ribs. I also used the TNK 1/6-scale A-65 scale engine kit to help dress up the nose of the airplane. If you are interested in building a Mooney Mite of your own, TNK has all my CAD files and can cut a short kit for you as well (

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Updated: March 18, 2019 — 3:36 PM

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