ZAP 900x250

MPI’s Insta Check Pro

This newly improved voltage checker is something I use all the time. The previous version used LED’s to show the condition of the battery, but only measured 4 and 5-cell NiCd/NiMH batteries, or 2-cell LiPo’s, with a maximum voltage of 15v. The newest model now provides an easy to read LCD screen with voltage to 20v, battery type, and a 7-bar graph processed through a 12-bit microchip IC, providing much more accuracy and detail and eliminating the LED’s completely.  The Insta Check Pro also expands the cell count for LiPo’s to 4S and NiMH batteries to 9.6v, with a minimum reading of 3.5v.  The easy to use unit provides the current state in voltage of the battery, but will also apply a 500mA, 5-second load to give users a quick read-out of the available voltage in the battery before use. Reverse polarity is protected.

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