Mr. Top Gun: David Ribbe & his MiG-15bis

Mr. Top Gun: David Ribbe & his MiG-15bis

Congratulations to David Ribbe for winning the coveted “Mr. Top Gun” title at this year’s invitational competition! This was David’s first year flying this MiG at Top Gun, after flying it at the Jet World Masters in Switzerland earlier this year. David’s 88.9-inch-span jet is packed with scale details, like a sliding canopy, speed brakes, flaps, sequenced gear doors and retracts, and its polished aluminum finish (with thousands of rivets!) is like a mirror. And it isn’t just a flightline beauty; David flies it expertly. We congratulate David the “Rivet King” Ribbe on his well-deserved win. (Thanks also to Peter Goldsmith for the use of his photo!)


Updated: July 15, 2015 — 3:33 PM


  1. Wow Congratulations !!!! David Ribbe, what an awesome aircraft.

  2. Congratulations… from France !

  3. Any chance of seeing a link to the video of the award winning flight?

  4. Unbelievable aircraft with absolute beautiful detail

  5. How about a vidio of the flight!

  6. It was the experience of a life time to be present at Top Gun and see David’s beautiful airplane in person and watch it fly. Well Done!!

  7. Hola, desgraciadamente este año no pude ir, pero espero hacerlo el próximo; Muchas felicidades, precioso avión, ya lo había visto volar en algún video por ahí; fabuloso y bien merecido.

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