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My Favorite Mustangs

My Favorite Mustangs

Besides the omni-present Piper J-3 cub I think one of the most popular RC planes has to be the North American P-51D Mustang. It is certainly one of the most recognized warbirds and is the undefeated champion WW2 Icon fighter. I have built my fair share of Mustangs in all sizes. Here are some photos I came across while clearing out some computer files.

(Above) My very first RC Mustang–a Top Flite P-51 shown at the 1972 WRAM show. It was built and converted to the D-model with the Top Flite conversion kit that included the canopy and some additional wood to reshape the rear turtle deck area and vertical fin. This short-lived model was underpowered by a K&B Torpedo .40 engine and was painted (with a brush!) with Hobby Poxy epoxy paint! I did win the Junior class award for my effort!

(Above and below) The biggest Mustang I built was the Top Flite Gold Edition 84.5 inch ARF version, back in 2002. It was powered by a RCS 40cc gas engine and it featured Robart retracts. I have to say of all the big warbirds I have flown, this one is one of my all time favorites. It was a solid performer and landed like a sport plane! Flaps were very effective, though I wish I had more rudder throw! If you are looking for a giant scale warbird, this one is a great first step! A perfect engine today would be either a DA-50 or the DLE 55 engines.

(Above and Below) If you want a Mustang but are still a new RC pilot, try the Hangar 9 PTS Mustang! This trainer in fighter’s clothing, is a great low wing trainer and makes an excellent fun to fly sport plane! You’ll be able to grow with this plane, as your skills improve you can remove its leading edge “droops” and adjust the flaps for higher performance.

(Above and Below) For electric power, nothing beats the E-Flite P-51B Mustang. Reviewed in the January 2011 issue of  Electric Flight, I gave this impressive ARF thumbs up! It flies like a pattern plane and has plenty of power. Flaps down it lands easily on shorter runways.

When it comes to micro electrics, nothing really tops an indoor Mustang buzzing around the gym! Here are two I really like, the Hobby Lobby Mustang (Below Left) and the ParkZone Mustang (Below Right.) They perform really well outdoors too in the calm wind conditions of the morning or early evening!


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  1. Definately the first one. It apparently lit a fire that still burns…

  2. yes indeed. the old 60 inch span 60 engine was a great formula!

  3. The model airplane photos given in the article are fantastic. Paintings on the airplane model with Hobby Poxy epoxy paint gives wonderful look. The beginner can get training from Hangar 9 PTS Mustang. It also helps to improve skills. In fact i’m agree with the fact that DLE 55 engine is the perfect fit for the Gold Edition 84.5 of Mustang. And it’s good to know that you won the Junior class award.

  4. Brianna, thanks for your comments! Mustangs of all sizes and types are great.

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