Name that Big Bipe (It’s not a Jungmeister!)

Name that Big Bipe (It’s not a Jungmeister!)

This unusual RC bipe can really put on a show! The 13-foot-span, 67-pound aircraft is a scale model of an Icelandic homebuilt called an “Aerokot” that was designed and flown by aerobatic champion pilot Hunn Senadel. Based on a Jungmeister but slightly smaller, the plane got its name because it fit Hunn like a coat (“kot” is Icelandic for “coat”). Steve Holland designed and built the RC version, using balsa and ply construction with 25 meters of Profilm covering and homemade landing gear. Powered by a DA 150, the 66%-scale Aerokot is controlled with a Futaba radio and 11 servos, including one from a full-size Reliant Robin in the rudder. Our thanks to Dean and Pete Coxon for taking this great video at the Southern RC model Aircraft Show at Headcorn Aerodrome near Kent in the UK.

Updated: September 17, 2015 — 10:39 AM


  1. Looks like a Jungmann.

    1. The airplane this model is based on is a scaled down version of the Jungmann.

  2. Looks like a great builder, but who in the world was flying?!? Lol.

  3. Just out of curiosity, are you finding that the majority of the news worthy giant scale models are from across the pond? Seems like the coverage is generally on aircraft from the UK or other? I know a bunch of guys out here in Oklahoma that are building Big and Very Scale.

    1. Would love to showcase more unique U.S. RC aircraft, but I don’t often come across great videos from planes over here. There are a few UK and European videographers who go to large-model meets practically every weekend and do a great job of documenting interesting aircraft, with closeups and video of the flight from startup to touchdown. If you see any videos like that, please email them to me at!

  4. This large airplane is in a world of its own for agility and aerobatic maneuvers. The control is instant and noticeable as its flying. Naturally the pilot is incredible talented

  5. Jungster 1 homebuilt – plans used by Hunn Sanadel to build his. @ 75-80% copy of a Jungmeister for a Continental 0200 or bigger.

  6. An absolutely wonderfully executed scale conception. And whoever was “on the sticks” was definitely no slouch! Thanks to all involved in sharing the credits for the production of the fantastic vidio clip. -Flybybaby-

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