National Model Aviation Day — Local RC modelers get involved

National Model Aviation Day — Local RC modelers get involved

August 15, 2015, National Model Aviation Day was created by the Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA), to encourage modelers and clubs across the country to celebrate the hobby and share their interests with the public. And this year all AMA Chartered clubs have also been asked to help conduct a fundraiser to provide assistance to a worthy cause. Through the National Model Aviation Day celebrations around the country, approximately 200 AMA chartered clubs have helped raise $100,000 for the Wounded Warrior Project.

One local RC Club, the Central CT RC Club in Farmington, CT, combined the National Model Aviation Day celebration with the club’s annual picnic, which was enjoyed by many of the club members, their friends and family. MAN was on the flightline enjoying the perfect flying weather and several local MAN contributors were also on hand for the day. For a small donation, Tee Shirts were offered to help raise donations for the Wounded Warrior Project. Here are some pictures from the CCRCC Club flying field.





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  1. I grew up around model airplanes. My dad started two clubs one in Vallejo, CA and one in Eugene, OR. The one in Eugene I know is still going although membership is down to less than 25 members. Most of which are older retired guys. He started these clubs to try to get young kids involved and away from the gangs and for something to do for the kids that couldn’t afford or were not athletic enough to play in the organized sports that were available in the cities. This sport or recreation should be drawing the younger generation into it. I believe part of the reason it doesn’t currently is the cost of buying the kit and building the plane then the radio to be able to control it and on top of that there are the requirement that you belong to the AMA which is around $150 a year and also club dues which run in the $30 to $50 a year range. Even control line, much cheaper to buy and build, clubs are requiring membership in AMA and of course club membership to fly on their fields. These high fees drive the youth away because they cannot afford them plus the time and dollars to build an airplane. I can understand that we need the AMA to fight regulation by government agencies and to set down some rules to fly by and to help sponsor contests. But I think the membership fees are way out of line. The Experimental Aircraft Association as well as the Airplane Owners and Pilots Association both have membership fees that are less than $50 a year and they both have lobbyist in congress fighting both congress and the FAA to stop unnecessary or restricting regulations as well as putting on huge airshows or gatherings each year. Just my opinion but I think the fees charged the model airplane enthusiast just discourages many. It is not hard to see why it is so hard to get the younger generation to join and keep it all going.

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