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New 12 foot Telemaster kit — the return of a classic!

New 12 foot Telemaster kit — the return of a classic!

The 12′ Telemaster kit is a total re-engineering of the classic 12′  Tele, but the only things that are the same is the Telemaster name and wingspan. Everything has been re-worked for ease of construction and assembly both in the build process and more importantly at the flying field. We are using a 2-piece wing design that slides onto an aluminum spar joiner and locks securely in place without the need for any tools or loose parts. The struts are equally easy and quick to install, again no loose parts to drop or forget, just rotate the base into position and snap the upper strut ends to the wing attachment, it takes less than 3 minutes to assemble and even less time to disassemble. 

$899.99 (Due early November)

Updated: October 18, 2012 — 4:58 PM


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  1. $900 for a kit? Not likely to sell too many.

    1. you get what you pay for. compare it to a 1200 $$ ARF

  2. I would buy one in a flash…..if I had the $$$! And, the kit price is just for starters! You have to include the engine and any other items needed to put her in the air. Regardless of the cost, I would love to have one (may have to sell a gun or two).

  3. A real kit? How long would one have to take to build?

  4. It looks like he is flying electric. What kind of motor does he have?

  5. Would be nice as a gasser. What size is recommended?

  6. the cost of kits are rediculous these days, considering the advancement of technology and laser machining,cutting.. I’d be willing to bet these kits dont have 50 bucks worth of parts and less than a hundred in making them.. Still however, being in the hobby for over 33 years, i would PROBABLY buy one IF i had the extra money.. Nothing flys like a telemaster..

  7. Hobby Lobby has a big push with electric power for the last several years now. Id fly it on dle 30/50 if i had one. Time to build is all dependent on your skill.

  8. i own thethe 12 feet arf Telemaster .
    i would like to instull a DLE 111 on him for towing some heavey gliders .

    will the airframe can take the engine vibration abuse ?

    thanks for any help /advie


    Zvi Solomon

    1. hi,
      I am looking to buy as 12′ Telemaster – either fully built or ARF (but not kit). Do you have suggestions? (Hobby Express has stopped stocking them.) Is yours perhaps for sale? We are from a university and use the Telemaster to carry air quality sensors.

  9. Would you recommend this size for a beginner?

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