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New Arrival — FlySky FS-i10 10-channel Transmitter

New Arrival — FlySky FS-i10 10-channel Transmitter

Just arrived in the MAN office this cool looking 10-channel transmitter from Diamond Hobby. This impressive transmitter is completely different from your everyday radios and it is loaded with great and unique features. It has 20 model memory, USB charging for the LiPo TX battery pack, and multiple touch screens for adjusting the transmitter setup and functions. The transmitter has an ultra-thin case profile, 10 switches and 3 dial knobs. It comes telemetry ready and when it is connected to its spread spectrum 2.4GHz channel hopping receiver, it displays the data and RX battery voltage. Watch for a review coming soon in MAN.


Updated: July 20, 2015 — 12:21 PM

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