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New Building Project: Nieuport 27

New Building Project: Nieuport 27

MAN editor Gerry Yarrish just can’t seem to stay out of the workshop, and is always thinking of new projects to build. Gerry’s newest is a 27.5% scale Nieuport 27. The odd size is 10% larger than 1/4-scale to make the engine cowling 11 inches in diameter so his new RCGF USA 50cc twin cylinder boxer engine would fit. 100% designed and scratch build, Gerry’s new French WW1 fighter (the last in the “V” strut Sesquiplane series), has an 88 inch span and is all CAD designed. Watch for more updates.

(Above) Here are the very early and basic working drawings for the fuselage structure. The airfoil has already been changed to a thicker section.

(Above) Ready to laser cut the forward fuselage sides

(Above) About 45 seconds to cut the sides from 1/8 inch Lite Ply. I use a Full Spectrum 40watt 5th Gen Hobby grade desk top laser cutter. It easily accepts drawings from my Graphite CAD program from Ashlar.

(Above) For large 1/4 inch plywood parts, I used my Stepcraft D.420 CNC to machine the parts. I used a 2mm end mill. I use VCarve Pro (from Stepcraft), to produce the G-code needed to run the CNC system and it also easily accepts my CAD drawings.

(Above) Firewall and the forward fuselage support pieces for landing gear. The firewall already has mounting holes for the engine

(Above) Long landing gear supports are epoxy together to form the whole part.

(Above) Laying out the forward fuselage parts. The area above the main longerons between the cabane struts will be a removable hatch section.

(Above) Adding the 1/4 inch square balsa longerons, verticals and diagonals.

(Above) On the fly, I added 1/4 inch (about 2 degrees), of positive incidence for the horizontal stabilizer attachment section. This part part will be added to my drawings later.

(Above) This 1/4 inch landing gear block doubler is epoxied over the glue seam to strengthen the entire support structure.

(Above) Here the two vertical side frames are positioned to check alignment. Next step will be adding the firewall and checking the alignment so the cross pieces can be added. Stay tuned.

Updated: October 3, 2018 — 9:43 AM


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  1. If plans will be made available I’ll take a set!!

  2. I’m curious why you added the 2 degree incidence to the stabilizer? Was that how the real airpalne was set up?

  3. Very Nice Work Gerry. Not enough scratch building going on with all these ARFS today. Looking forward to the progress. Two Thumbs UP !

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