New EDF Class at Top Gun

New EDF Class at Top Gun

Frank Tiano has just informed us that TOP GUN will add a new class, initially for 2020, for “Electric Ducted Fan” (EDF) models. Foam Type.

Half the normal entry fee for Top Gun applies.

The EDF Class  will be open to ANY Top Gun participant regardless of how many classes they are already flying in, AND is open to anyone else who feels qualified to fly at the event. We will allow as many entries as we can fit. Therefore, we must adhere to a “first come first serve” basis.

Model Airplane News - RC Airplane News | New EDF Class at Top Gun

At the moment it appears that the number of participants can be between 20 and 24. I strongly suggest when you send in your Entry Form, you use a credit card for payment. We will only process those who are accepted into the class. If you prefer a check, we will only deposit it if the paperwork has arrived before we have to close off the class .

Here are the Rules. (If we modify, all participants will be notified)


  • Two Classes, “Stock” and “Modified”
  • Model must be a commercially available product.
  •  Aircraft must be a scale EDF Warbird model of a full sized, manned, jet powered aircraft.
  • Model’s entire airframe must be constructed of molded foam, (Foamies)
  • Both EDF Foamie Classes are limited to a minimum fan diameter of 70mm and maximum of 105mm.

“Stock” means Box Stock “Airframes”, entrants may only alter or change the markings and may weather the surface finish. NO other changes may be made to the Factory Color Scheme or Outline.

What IS Allowed: Beefed up Landing Gear, Larger Batteries, Different or modified fan unit / electronics.

MODIFIED:  Entrants in the “Modified” class may NOT modify the outline of the model as released by the manufacturer. However, any aspect of the surface finish may be revised beyond the original factory finish. This includes overall color and markings, plus the addition of external surface details such as Antennae, Auxiliary Fuel Tanks, Ordinance, Lighting systems, Afterburner, Sound Systems, Cockpit/Pilot detail, Panel Lines and Weathering.

To qualify for “Modified” status, (Up to 25 Static Points are awarded) the entrant must offer one color photograph or color print (Hard Copy Only) documenting the full-scale aircraft.  (Digital screen documentation is not acceptable). A Data Sheet will be provided for each entrant to fill out. Modified models will be lined up for “Concours” Judging during the Lunch Break Wednesday

 EDF Flight Schedule: 

Models will fly a total of 3 or 4 rounds: One round each day on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday afternoon, immediately following completion of the Pro-Am flight rounds. If the schedule is light enough, we may be able to have a 4th round on Saturday and Sunday for some percentage of each EDF class. If only 3 rounds are flown, the Awards will be given out at the Saturday night Dinner. If 4 flights are flown, we will do the awards on Sunday with the other classes.

A maximum flight score of 100 points will be awarded for each flight.

Pilots in both categories have the option of flying with or without Auxiliary Fuel Tanks or Ordinance.

All maneuvers other than Takeoff, Traffic Pattern and Landing, may be completed in any order preferred. There are 4 Mandatory and 3 Optional maneuvers, plus a “Realism” score. The pilot may string together as many as 3 maneuvers in any way he prefers; for example, 1 Roll followed by a ½ Cuban 8 followed by a Loop, OR, Straight Flight, followed by ½ Cuban 8 followed by 1 Roll etc.

Maneuvers should be centered on the Flight Judges UNLESS the positioning is called in advance. For example, the pilot may call a Roll starting in front of the judges and completed while flying away from them, to facilitate entering another maneuver offset to the left or right.

FLIGHT SCHEDULE (Maneuvers other than #8-10 may be done in ANY order, after Takeoff

  1. Take Off on runway centerline
  2. Fast Fly-By (Clean/Cruise)
  3. Slow Fly-By (Dirty-Slow)
  4. Optional Maneuver
  5. Optional Maneuver
  6. Optional Maneuver
  7. Traffic Pattern
  8. Landing on runway centerline
  9. Overall Flight Realism
  10. Ten point bonus to make scoring program work!

Model Airplane News - RC Airplane News | New EDF Class at Top Gun

Refer to the “Flight Rules” section of the official Top Gun Rule book for a detailed description of each of the maneuvers listed, including reasons for point deductions. (Top Gun 2020 Rule Book is online at

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