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Sullivan Products’ SkyWriter Smoke System with SkySmoke Smoke Fluid

Sullivan Products’ SkyWriter Smoke System with SkySmoke Smoke Fluid

Just tested at the recent Dawn Patrol giant scale event is the new Sullivan Products’ S760 SkySmoke Smoke Fluid. In a joint partnership with SuperDri, the leader in full-scale aviation smoke oil, Sullivan Products has developed SkySmoke, made with 100% paraffinic oils and no additives. We used the Sullivan SkyWriter Smoke system in our giant scale triplane test model.

SkySmoke is compatible with all common RC materials including glues, foams and iron on coverings. SkySmoke is also safe for use with turbine jet engines.


With no shipping restrictions SkySmoke is available internationally so just contact your favorite Sullivan retailer. SkySmoke is also perfect for use with the  Sullivan’s  S753 SkyWriter smoke system.


Also New from Sullivan is a new fuel line called ProFlex. Made from Proprietary Fluoroelastomer, ProFlex will never harden or crack! It is impervious to gasoline and glow fuel as well as smoke fluid. It comes in Standard and Large diameters and is packaged in 2 feet and 12 feet lengths. ProFlex Gas Tank Re-Plumb kits are also available that come with a 6-inch length of ProFlex tubing, a clunk and steel wire ties.

ProFlex Fuel Line

The Sullivan SkyWriter Smoke System, is a very easy to install smoke pump and it works very well with the SkySmoke fluid. We used a T-fitting to connect the smoke supply line to the two smoke mufflers used with the Zenoah GT-80 twin cylinder gas engine powering the Balsa USA 1/3-scale Fokker Triplane we used as our test model.

Give these new products a try, the best comes from Sullivan Products!

Sullivan Products, 8950 Yellow Brick Rd., Baltimore, MD 21237; Phone: 410-732-3500; Fax: 410-327-7443; www.sullivanproducts.com

Updated: August 27, 2018 — 4:35 PM
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