New Generation of JR Radio–XG14

New Generation of JR Radio–XG14

Be sure to watch for our detailed review of the new JR XG14 radio system in the upcoming December 2013 issue of MAN.

Following in this tradition of quality and dependability, the XG14 is the newest radio wearing the JR brand and it the first to be distributed by JR Americas Inc., ( The XG14 is a true “non-shared”, full 14-channel 2.4GHz radio system and it uses JR DMSS (Dual Modulation Spectrum System.)

JR Radio--XG14

Another JR DMSS feature is its dual stream, bi-directional telemetry communication system. JR DMSS transmits all telemetry information through a separate RF stream, rather than through the primary channel stream so it doesn’t reduce or share update rates with critical control channels. Voltage telemetry is built in as standard in every DMSS receiver and other add-on sensors can provide realtime feedback for propeller RPM, as well as engine/battery temperature and variometer/altimeter readings.

Though new to the U.S., DMSS has been used worldwide for the past three years with solid performance. The system has won at world championships and naturally it is full-range and there are a host of products and accessories compatible with JR DMSS to fit most RC requirements. Available in the street price range of $650 you get a very professional system at a sport flyer price.

Feel the Difference

For more than 20 years we’ve all heard that with JR you can feel the difference and this is specially true with the new XG14. That’s because the XG14 has the best gimbals JR has ever put in any radio, the flagship 12X gimbal mechanics which are housed in the aluminum gimbal bases to increase precision and stop flexing at extreme stick deflections.

JR Radio--XG14

And when it comes to receivers, you have several choices.

JR Radio--XG14

Custom Switch labeling

The XG14 comes with stickers so you can label your transmitter to suit your modeling needs

JR Radio--XG14

Be sure to check out the December 2013 issue of Model Airplane News for the complete and detailed review of the XG14 from JR Americas.





Updated: July 27, 2015 — 12:24 PM

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  1. Will this new J R work with the fifty or so JR receivers I already own??? Or will it suck like the XG11 I sent back after finding out it would not use my receivers???

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