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10 experts share their advice for Drone Imaging

There’s no doubt about the fact that drones have become increasingly popular. They are more affordable than ever, and more advanced and sophisticated than before. But getting started with drones is not as straightforward as you might think. It involves some studying, knowledge of and complying with the regulations, and (most important) a lot of practice. You need to learn how to fly the drone safely before you can actually start taking photos with it.

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Updated: September 6, 2018 — 5:18 PM


  1. This really got blown out of proportion. If any rc flyer can understand how to fly a basic rc trainer – the drones are very simple to fly. Of course FAA steps in understanding cameras are now involved for surveillance. Been in this hobby for over 35 years I guess the AMA will make money on training drone pilots UGH!!! Learn to fly a simple rc trainer then the drones are simple. So True!

    1. Have to ad you do have to read and understand the FAA rc regulations!

  2. Frank: We really appreciate your comments. I started building model airplanes when I was 10 years old, and I feel sorry for the younger generations that now have so many hobbies that have distracted the fun of model airplane fun that so many youngsters in past generations enjoyed. I’m 88 years old and model airplanes have continued to be involved in every year of my life.

    I thank the model airplane industry for all the enjoyment I have had from all your great productions!

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