New for Premium Members — Demystifying Soldering

New for Premium Members — Demystifying Soldering

For expert advice on soldering, don’t miss John Kauk’s article, Demystifying How to Solder Connectors” on our Premium Member site. John writes, “Setting up a new electric-powered model, and sometimes maintaining an older one, often requires installing new motor or battery connectors. Previously I discussed some of the different types of connectors available, so this time we’ll cover installing them. The various bullet connectors, such as Horizon’s EC and Castle Creations’ plugs, have a small cup on the end into which the wire is soldered. Blade or flat-plate connectors, like the Deans Ultra and Hobbico’s Star plugs, require soldering, too, but require a slightly different technique. Finally, the Anderson Powerpoles I’ve used for many years can either be soldered or, better yet, crimped onto the leads.”

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Tools for soldering connectors arranged around a ProgressiveRC Solder Station include (clockwise from top) wire cutters and strippers, tweezers, a 40-watt Weller iron, and a variety of hemostats and clamps.

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Updated: November 19, 2018 — 3:12 PM
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