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New for Premium Members — Parkzone Conscendo Flight Test Video

New for Premium Members — Parkzone Conscendo Flight Test Video

We just uploaded our latest exclusive flight test video to the Premium Members Website. The test flight is of the Parkzone Conscendo Advanced 1.5m BNF, capturing all the action as MAN contributor Rick Bell puts the new powered glider though it paces for the first time.

When the original Conscendo S was introduced a few years back, it was an immediate hit. With its convenient size, excellent flight characteristics, it’s no wonder there was an outcry when it was discontinued. ParkZone though has been quietly working behind the scenes for a new and improved version and now brings us the Conscendo Advanced 1.5m BNF! If you liked the original version, you’re really going to love this one!

Molded from lightweight,durable EPO foam The Conscendo advanced is equipped with AS3X and SAFE, hitting max altitude is easy and fun. With four channels, this model will take you far beyond just catching thermals with its aerobatic capabilities. Assembly is minimal and can be completed in far less time than it takes to charge your battery.

Rick comments that, In the air, the ParkZone Conscendo Advance is a nice, smooth flyer, and it thermals surprisingly well for a 1.5m foamie. It has SAFE and AS3X stabilization technology so it is a great choice for the beginner, it works as advertised. Hand launching the model is very easy, simply point it into the wind, power up and gently toss it–the plane will be up on step quickly and climbing out smartly. The speed control also comes  pre-programmed to automatically apply the propeller brake function when the throttle is brought to its lowest position so the prop quickly folds back to decrease drag, but more importantly to lessen damage to the prop during landings.

The detailed Flight Test will be featured in the upcoming September issue of MAN.

To become a member and see our exclusive test flight video, click the link below and become a premium member.


Updated: June 5, 2018 — 9:15 AM

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